Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Day on the Sea

This morning we sailed through the Kornati Islands to a well known section of the Kornati National Park.  This section had high, rocky cliffs over looking the open sea.   As I looked up from the boat at the towering cliffs, I realized the beautiful cliff jumping potential here. The water was 80 meters deep.  There were swells in the blue water and caves on the high cliffs.  Unfortunately we could not stop because of the high waves and the lack of good docking. Towards the end of the cliffs there was a fake castle ruin built in the past for a pirate movie set.

After the cliffs came my favorite time of day....  Lunch!  We anchored in a small bay to go swimming and eat.  I also had to do some school work. I took a picture with self timer and tripod of me jumping off the boat into the water.  I think it is an amazing photo.  I think it’s the best photo of the trip so far!

When we were almost at our stay for the night, we experienced the amazing Croatian sunset.  It seems to me much larger than an Alaskan sunset.  Also the clouds were bigger.

In order to anchor for the night, my dad had to swim with a rope to the closest island and tie the rope to a rock. He looked like a navy seal, it was kind of funny. We are all settled in here and are ready for the long night. 

Thank You for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Rohan,

    Hard to imagine from reading and looking that you had trouble with your blog and posting the pics...they are fantastic!!
    Sounds like most of your sailing, save for the storm has been in the doldrums...those are the slack times where your drums beat to a different tune and take you places like a 12 meter cliff jump or a Croatian sunset. Thanks for sharing...

    Your Dad..a Navy Seal....uuummmmm...ok I can see it. Just finished 'Warrior Soul: The Memoir of a Navy Seal'
    Maybe too right wing for you but you have to respect them
    Good Sailing!!

  2. Hi Rohan,
    I love reading your blogs and seeing pictures of where you are and things you are doing. Your shot jumping off the boat was fantastic, I agree.
    When you mentioned the trouble uploading your pics and the blog - and all that math..., I thought of the phrase, "Into everyone's life, a little rain must fall."
    I'm sorry you cut your hand. I hope it wasn't too bad a
    cut and that it won't keep you out of the sea, at least not for long.
    Good sunset picture. My best sunset was from a boat in the Philippines with Svetlana and Andrew. I'll email it to you.
    Is the sailboat pic in your last blog a pic of your boat?
    Love, Grandma Doris

  3. Love the self protrait -- it's a really cool shot! In fact all the photos are great, and the scenery looks amazing.

  4. I agree with Chopper! Great self shot!