Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two Long Months

Today was a serious school day.  I completed a whole lesson of math and 100 pages of reading.  I had to do so much work because I have been busy sight seeing and visiting with Mom's friends over the last week in Istanbul.    
As of Monday, we will have been traveling for two months.  We also will be leaving Europe.  I found these two months quite interesting, and I have learned about countries, wars, people, and language.  I also have been enduring great home sickness.  I have missed my big fluffy stuffed dog that I have had since I was born.  I have missed my house and all my school friends.  We have still a long way to go on this trip, and it is a little bit scary.
On Monday, we will be taking a flight to Beijing. We will see Beijing for a couple days.  From there, we will travel across China to a volunteer medical clinic in Tibet.  We may not have internet or power.  The Chinese government has blocked my blogger company.  To get around this, we have to email my posts to blogger, and have them post it.  They make many mistakes, so except the unexpected!  Starting today, I will be testing out the email posting.  Please email me if you notice problems with the posts.(  
Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!      


  1. Hey Rohan,

    Congrats on making it through 2 months of travel! That is definitely a long time to be away from your home and friends and out of your normal routine. On the other hand, sometimes (maybe most of the time) the most satisfying experiences come as a result of being outside your comfort zone. It can be very challenging in the moment, but keeping an open and positive attitude and trusting that the end result will be worth the hardship can help to get through the tough times.

    I look forward to hearing about your adventures in China and Tibet.

    Hang in there and enjoy the ride!


  2. Rohan, Though we have been silent, we have been watching your progress and listening to your vivid and insightful observations. Keep the reports coming. I am proud of you and delighted that you are having this amazing adventure. Love, Grandpa Morgan & Charlotte

  3. Rohan,
    Peter said it well," Hang in there!". I missed home sometimes when we lived in Geneva, but that year was a great adventure for me.
    I enjoyed reading your blog about Istanbul. And look forward to learning about your time in China and Tibet.
    Love, Grandma from another great day in Maine.

  4. Hang in there? What kind advice is that? Just give up! Come home! (just kidding!)