Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Series of Unfortunate Events

Last night while I slept, a huge storm crossed over our boat.  The storm started with small rains at 2:00 AM, then winds, clouds and lightning came around 4:30.  I woke up around two o’clock when mom closed the windows in my berth.  I was only awake for a second, and in the morning it seemed like a dream.  In the morning it was sunny, clear and a bit windy.  When the wind had cleared, I started my long list of unfortunate events.

I first had to do about three or four hours of work.  I had to write my blog, and deal with my blogger program that was not working.  The loading of pictures took a long time and would not complete. Also, the pictures did not go where I wanted them to go.  Loading the blog took almost an hour and I did not get everything the way I wanted.  After that, I had thirty problems of math which took another hour.  'Twas the day of work hell.

Then we sailed through the Kornati Islands.  The water was beautiful, and the islands had a colorful rocky texture.  I took many pictures, and have decided to try to submit pictures to National Geographic.  Under the section “Your Shot”,  National Geographic publishes the best photos taken by the readers once a month.  I’d like to have my name in a magazine that is published world wide.

Today, I also got to sail the boat.  It has an extremely sensitive wheel.  I did not have to turn the wheel much for the boat to turn.  Dad taught me to look at a point on the horizon and to keep the boat lined up with that one point.  I’d like to sail some more.

Our dock for the night was a small village with one little restaurant and a market.  I took a hike up a rocky mountain accessible from the village and cut my hand badly.  We also had fish for dinner.  I am not a big fish guy.  I hope better days will come. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!

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  1. Wise man always say - if you stay on a boat, you gonna eat fish...