Monday, July 18, 2011

The Beautiful Bay

After we had crawled out of bed, we left the small fishing village of Sale and started right away with sailing.  Unlike yesterday, we had very strong wind (15 knots).  With these strong winds, our boat was forced onto it’s side and was almost vertical.  This is a common sailing position, but I found it extremely scary.  Once we had a big gust of wind and Ivan, our skipper, slipped at the wheel and hit his head.  The good news was, Dad looked at Ivan’s wound and it was not serious. 

Today, I also got to help tacking the boat. Tacking is a sailing term which describes turning the boat and switching the sails from one side of the boat to another.  During tacking, I pulled in the line to pull the jib, the front sail, from one side to another using the crank and winch.
Me Winching

After we had our fill of sailing for the morning, we stopped for lunch in a relatively small bay.  My mom made pasta salad.  I think this was my favorite meal on the trip, so far.  We also jumped into the water, and tried to swim to an island.   We did not make it to shore, because the shore by the island was covered with rocks and sea urchins. 

Our destination for the night was a large island inhabited by two brothers and a woman.   They are the only people living on the island.  They do not like pictures taken of them, but I managed to get a couple.  They have a pet crow named Spiro that talks if you bribe him with food.  He says "Dubro Spiro", which means "good Spiro" in Croation.  He speaks the words in an easy to hear, old, crackly, deep voice.  There were also two other families with kids staying on the island.  I met a super nice boy, named Andraz, from Slovenia, who took me fishing and showed me a 4 meter jump off a rock, into the bay.  My parents let me skip the blog because I was having such a good time.  I'm writing this a day later.
The Beautiful House on the Bay
Spiro the Raven

The Bay's Life
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