Friday, July 8, 2011

Moving On

Today I woke up in a 4 star guest house in Villach, Austria.  Villach is a small town bordering Italy and Slovenia.  Last night we stayed up late so I could not write. Yesterday,  I needed a break from boating because my arms and hamstrings were hurting.  When you kayak for several days in a row, it is common to have tight hamstrings. Because of this, Mom, Maren, Norbert and one of Norbert’s friends, Wolfgang went boating and left dad and me at the camp to do some work. 

After I had finished my math and reading, I showed dad a super cool IPad game.  I discovered it at the beginning of our trip.  A guy in the airport was playing and he told us the name of the game and that it is not too expensive.  For people who want game ideas, It is called Infinity Blade.  When the game is first opened, It will show you a cool movie filling you in on the story of the God King whole stole the Infinity Blade. Your objective is to kill the God King and all of his champions and obtain the Infinity Blade.
one of the God King's champions.

After the rest of the gang came home from boating, we packed up to leave our camp in Bovec, Slovenia.  Maren and Norbert had to return to Austria for a weekend kayak rescue classs.  We decided to come to Villach to replenish our gear supplies.  We need to buy an underwater camera, and mom needs to get her hair dyed.  Also we need time to plan our next step of the big world trip.  Maren was nice enough to drive us to our guest house in Villach.  The hotel is very nice with huge rooms and extremely helpful owners.  They have a ping pong table and a pool outside in a large beautiful garden looking over all of Villach and the Alps beyond.  In fact, it is so nice that we have decided to stay here a couple more days.

Last night, the owner of the guest house, Pauli, drove us to a restaurant in a 1941 black Cadillac in beautiful condition.  The restaurant was a pasta house with amazing food.  At dinner, all of Pauli’s guests met up.  I had never been to a guest house that was this caring of its guests.

This morning, I am catching up on last night’s blog, taking a math test and hopefully playing in the pool.  Mom is washing our clothes and getting her hair done.

 Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic.


  1. Sounds like you in staying in a really cool place. Enjoy and rest up - all of you.
    And, yes, I do read your answers. Am I to understand that a Rapid Class is related to the drop and the speed of the water, not so much the height of the waves? The wave concept in a river is a little strange to me. Does a river wave depend on the size of boulders in the water, the width of the river, the walls of a canyon, or what? Maybe the tide from a nearby ocean?
    PS: Do you read my questions?

  2. "mom needs to get her hair dyed" how did that get past the moderator ?
    @ doris, in case rohan does not get to your question; yes all of those things contribute to a rivers classification. not the tide so much but the flow rate. here is a link

    also a search of wikipedia is good.

    the first part of the article lists the class structure. you can also search youtube and watch different classes of rapids being kayaked or rafted.
    thanks rohan.

  3. Hello people!
    I read your questions and try to answer them as much as possible! Yes, you are right, grandma, that class 2 is mostly about the rocks and navigation of the boat, but not the waves. Also, the waves in the rapids are caused by a combination of all the things you said. Ivan, excuse me, the moderator was my dad. We decided to joke around and make fun of my mom. Also, her hair looks really nice (comment added by mom).

    Thanks, Rohan Geographic

  4. Sweet ride! Nice game too. Is it only for the Ipad, or is there a PC version too?

    Sore muscles? Stretching stretching stretching, Rohan is a stretching, etc...