Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Water Like Silk

In the early morning, the burning red sun scorched the tip of Elly’s B&B.  Hours later, I rolled over and light filled my eyes.  My parents had left earlier to attend Spanish class in Pucon.  I was taking private lessons with Elly so I got to sleep in.  Today, I had another interesting lesson of Spanish with Consu and Elly, and later explored beautiful waterfalls.  

The day started with Spanish class.  After a quick breakfast of cereal, I started the lesson.  Today I was taught how to order at a restaurant and how to say different foods.  I also reviewed my verb conjugations with Consu.  Ever since I started lessons with Elly, my Spanish has taken off.  I can speak to people in real situations and make myself understood.  I had fun learning Spanish with Elly and Consu, but I was excited when I heard my parents and I were going to take our truck to a beautiful stream bed.

Nora had recommended walking up a brook with beautiful waterfalls flowing over rocks like silk.  My reason for going was to slide down or jump off the waterfalls along the stream.  We drove up along a dirt road to find clear, beautiful water.  The image of a wide stream with occasional large pools was displayed on the windshield.  We jumped out of the car and started walking up the stream.  A little while into our walk, we came to a waterfall beside which was nice place to eat the empinates that we had brought with us.  Empinates are small, stuffed baked dough.  After lunch I wanted to slide down the waterfall, but I deemed it unsafe.  The slide looked a little rocky.  I shrugged and continued up the stream.  Later on, we found a deep icy pool and we decided to jump in.   We had a blast jumping, but found the water freezing.  This did not stop us from sliding down several waterfalls later on.  We found several perfect places to slide.  I loved the feeling and now have a new favorite sport.  I have to say, sliding down waterfalls totally beats cliff jumping.

 At the end of our walk, we met three kids contemplating a four meter jump off a large cliff over looking a deep pool.  I finalized their decision by jumping off a couple times and soon we were all doing laps from the rock to the water.  I was happy to share one of my favorite sports with the other kids.    


Today was amazing.  The Spanish lesson at the beginning of the day was fun, but I really enjoyed going to the stream in the afternoon.  I had a blast sliding down rocks and jumping off a high cliff.  I would have done nothing different!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Sweet!

    Sliding down waterfalls beats cliff jumping? Say it isn't so! Cliff jumping rocks!

    1. It depends upon how high the slide or jump is!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed my special spot. It was a very special river and so very beautiful. I looked for you when I left to say goodbye but you weren't around. Here's a link to my amazing trip home.
    It was great to share my vacation with you and your parents :) Have fun traveling!!

    1. Nora, just read and commented on your awesome blog! Congrats on getting home!! Great paddling with you, keep in touch!