Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today was similar to yesterday, but instead of being dull and terrible, I found it a little bit relaxing.  I did not have the wallet or the car to deal with just the Spanish class and some math.  Today I read books and did math, and understood and enjoyed a Spanish class.

We arrived at the language school early for my parents to make some money transfers in order to buy the truck and to cancel the credit cards that we lost yesterday.  Meanwhile, I read my book and did a wee bit of math.  I had to go over and correct with Dad three lessons that I did previously.  I also read some of the Lord of the Rings.  Right now the Riders of Rohan and part of the company of the ring are hiding in and defending Helms Deep from an army of orcs.  Helms Deep is a castle built into the Misty Mountains.  Soon it was time to attend Spanish lessons.

Today the Spanish class was not so frustrating and I was able to speak and understand many things that left me staring yesterday.  I was so excited about what I could say and understand.  I still need some help from Mom occasionally, but I am pretty much good.  Today we worked on verbs and adjectives.  I cannot wait to learn more. 

I had a relaxing day with nothing to make me stressed or angry.  I had a little bit of math to complete but not too much. I enjoyed reading my book and finally understanding Spanish. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Wait - what have you done with Rohan, the kid who hates spanish??? Bring back the real blogger!

  2. Bet he likes oatmeal too... And waking up early...

  3. Replies
    1. ARRRGGGG!!!!!!.... Who disturbs my slumber?????....What is this gruel?????!!!!.....ARGGGGGG!!!....Unlearnable Spanish!!!!!!...... I COULD BE SLEEPING!!!!!!..... AARRRRGGGG!!!!