Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Chilean Luck!

We are in South America and are fighting a long and boring week in Chile. The past two days have been dull, tiring, and stressful.  The only thing different about today was an unexpected surprise.  Today, we attended our third day of Spanish class, and had some good Chilean luck.   

The day started off with another difficult and heady Spanish lesson.  I am understanding Spanish more as the week progresses, but it is a slow process.  Every day, I think I know very little or nothing, but when I compare it to the first day the improvement is immense.  Today we continued with verbs and were introduced to question words.  In Spanish there are question phrases like “in what?, from where?, to where?, and from what?.”  This is a little confusing but is easy compared to conjugating verbs.  Soon, it was break time and we received a token of good luck. 

Before the lesson, we had created a sign conveying in Spanish that we were looking for a lost wallet.  This sign offered a reward, displayed a drawing of Dad’s wallet, and provided our cell phone number.  During the fifteen minute break, half way through the Spanish lesson, we received a call.  Suddenly, we started to run to the address relayed by the heavily accented voice on the other end of the line.  Someone had found his wallet.  We walked into the clothes shop and were given back the wallet.  The vendor said that he had found it on the street and sure enough, nothing was even missing inside.  This put us in better moods for the rest of the day and we were happy to have put our Spanish to use.  

Today was boring and banal.  We attended a long Spanish class and found Dad’s wallet.  I turns out my dad wasn’t pick pocked after all!  Today we experienced the kindness and honesty of the Chilean people.  It is fun learning Spanish but I am excited to continue traveling and enjoy something other than a classroom.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!             


  1. Wow!! I am impressed that you found the wallet. There are some good people out there afterall!! Keep up the work in Spanish - como esta usted? xoxo Grandmalish

  2. Usted es muy afortunado! Nosotros? No tanto... Noche pasada nuestro carro se rompió en. Los ladrones vaciaron el coche y nos robó el espejo lateral. Qué chingados!


  3. BANAL: Drearily commonplace and often predictable, Lacking originality freshness or novelty.

    Yes Rohan, I did have to look it up. My understanding of banal, and your description of the day just did not seem to fit togeather. I didn't find a wallet, but reading your blog elevated my day above boring and banal. Thanks Den

  4. Hey Rohan,

    Großartige Neuigkeiten über die Brieftasche - ihr Jungs müssen ziemlich glücklich darüber. Ganz besonders bemerkenswert, dass das Zeichen gearbeitet. Hast du alles tun, um zu feiern?

    Ich hoffe, Ihr Spanisch weiter zu faszinieren und zu verbessern, dass Sie eine Menge von Bootfahren zu erledigen, nicht zu viel Mathe und natürlich jede Menge o 'Schlaf.


    1. Gracias!

      I did not know that you spoke German so well!


  5. Andrew, quel domage! Ces putains qui a voler les trucs de votre auto. J'aimerais voir quelques chose qui explode quand voleurs entrer un auto - meme comme ce que tu a dis de le billet.

    Bonne chance...