Friday, February 10, 2012

Biking with Consu

Today was fun save for the three hour language class in the afternoon.  The language class was as usual, interesting, tiring, and a bit frustrating.  I tried to listen the best I could so I could communicate with my new Chilean friend, Consu.  In the morning before the class I biked into town and hung out with Consu.

Consu is Elly’s 12 year old daughter and she asked me to join her on her daily bike ride into town.  We left from Consu’s dirt drive way and headed towards town.  Despite my class, I could barely speak any Spanish, and Consu could speak barely any English.  We did not really talk much, and if one of us wanted to say something it took several minutes.  We biked around town and occasionally hung out with some of her friends.  We biked through parks and along Lake Villarrica.  We even stopped by an arcade.  Eventually, we biked to the language school and used the internet while we waited for my parents to arrive.

Across Elly and Consu's Dirt Road

My language class a little interesting, but tiring.  Today we learned irregular verbs and I studied as hard as I could.  I am trying hard but it feels like I am just not getting it.   I understand well enough, but I forget everything I learn once I leave the class room.  I think that once the information sinks in I will be able to say a few things.  I hope that I will be able to speak a little more to Consu next time I see her.  I am excited for a weekend and a break from Spanish.  Hey, maybe I am better than I think.  

I enjoyed parts of the morning, but struggled through the language class in the afternoon.  I felt tired and wiped out after the lesson.  Tonight my parents will go boating and I will watch a movie!  I am excited because I have not seen Star Wars in a while!

Elly's Kitchen

In Elly's Kitchen

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  1. It may take more than a week before you have spanish totally dialed, but no doubt it'll happen very quickly. How cool that you've been chillin' with the local kids.

  2. YAh, IT's really cool!

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. From my experience:
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