Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Bummer Day

I feel exhausted, annoyed, and depressed.  Today stunk, and this time not about heaps of work.  Actually, today was a day off from my math, and it was supposed to be fun.  Instead, we went to a frustrating Spanish class, lost a very important item, and waited for hours while our potential truck got checked by a mechanic. 

After breakfast in Pucon, we walked to the building where we planned to participate in Spanish school.  We walked up the stairs into a class room and I realized that we were the only three in the class.  The class was taught in only Spanish and this frustrated me because I don’t know Spanish and I understood nothing.  My parents afterward told me that people learn languages more quickly when they are taught in the language they are learning.   However, I did not feel like I was learning much.  My parents were getting it in a snap.   It felt bad to have both people next me understanding while I did not have a clue.  Thankfully, in the middle of the lesson we stopped for a break and went out for ice cream.  Or maybe not so thankfully....

While we were licking our ice cream, we lost a vital item.  Once we had finished our cones and were back at the school, we realized Dad’s wallet was gone.  We checked at the ice cream shop, in all of Dad’s pockets, his back pack, and at the school.  We went to the police station to see if anyone had turned in the wallet, and we searched the road from the ice cream store to the school.  No luck.  Every one we asked told us of the numerous pickpockets in the area.  We lost two of our three credit cards and about one hundred bucks in cash.  This will mean a serious hassle.

After Spanish school and the missing wallet hunt, we still weren’t finished.  We had to check out the truck that we looked at yesterday for possible repairs.  With us was the affable couple that own the truck.  Their names are Cara and Glyn.  Cara is Scottish and Glyn is British.  They are finishing a year of travel in South America and are selling their truck.  The five of us waited for hours while the mechanic checked the car.  It turned out that it has an oil leak and a problem with the fan.  We will split the repair cost and have the truck repaired with Glyn and Cara.  I was wiped out when we finally arrived back at the hostel. 

My day basically stunk.  I went to a frustrating Spanish class, my dad got bumped, and I waited for hours while the truck was being checked.  It is 11:20 right now, and I want to go to bed.

 Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. ¡Ay, caramba! Rohan - how are math lessons looking now? Happiness can truly be a matter of perspective!

    Bummer on the wallet... I'm waiting for the invention that inserts a poisoned (ok, soporific) needle into a pickpocket's hand as it makes the grab. Sleep well you f*(#!

  2. Total bummer about the wallet. What a huge hassle that must be. I suspect that you will pick up spanish pretty quickly and soon will be laughing about how you felt on your first day of class. Spending several hours watching your life slip away while the mechanic checks out your truck? Not much upside there other than a new a fan at half-off.

    Hang in there -- at least you aren't eating oatmeal for breakfast (or are you?)

  3. Hi Rohan - Boy, can I sympathize with you!! When I was in college, I was taking Spanish. I got sick at the beginning of the year and missed about 2 weeks of classes and when I finally came back, I had no clue as to what was being said!! I will tell you that it eventually got better - so hang in there! Some days are better than others!! xoxo Grandmalish