Sunday, February 12, 2012


This morning I had a quick bit of work to complete, but I could hardly contain my excitement.  Today, I was going with Consu and my parents to a park with three waterfalls.  The upper fall has a long ledge slanting downwards over which water travels.  The ledge eventually ends in a drop and sends the gushing water into a deep pool six or seven meters below.  Another couple staying at Elly’s B&B said it was fun to slide down the ledge and fall into the pool.  This is why today we were headed to the park.  I was shaking with excitement when I stepped into the car.   Once at the park, we had a struggle to get to the top of the spectacular waterfall and then an amazing thrill on the ride down.

Elly drove us to the base of the three waterfalls and dropped off my parents, Consu, and me.  There, we started up the long and steep pathway to the slide.  We decided to scout the slide from the bottom before sliding down.  We wanted to make sure that there were no rocks in the pool and that the shoot was clear.  Dad and Consu stayed at the bottom to watch our stuff and make sure we were clear before we slid.  It was up to mom and me to climb the long and treacherous route leading to the top of the falls.  We struggled through soft and spiky brush and over stable and loose mounds of dirt.  After crossing a barbed wire fence, pushing through even more sticks, and sliding on even more dirt slides, we emerged at the creek upstream of the falls.  We carefully bouldered down the cliffy creek and stepped onto a large rock plateau.  All around us were small waterfalls all flowing into the primary drop.  We felt the excitement true and strong now.  We were nervous and scared.  There was no turning back.  We carefully made our way over slippery rocks and came to the top of the slide.

Mom and I looked out over the pool below.  Dad sat on a rock holding a camera.  At the top of the slide was a dangerous, spiky rock we needed to avoid.  We decided to slip in below the rock and miss it.  Mom went first and after screams of delight it was my turn.....gulp.  I have cliff jumped several times, but have never done anything like this.  I hesitated, realizing my decision and what I had about to do.  With a “bottoms up!”  I jumped in with the rushing water.  I slid for a short ways until I was shoved into the water below.  I felt amazing and free after the slide.  I have experienced the force of water, and the force of gravity, but never at the same time.  It was amazing.

My day rocked!  I loved sliding down and falling into the pool.  I think once we finish buying the car that I will go and do it again.  I have never done anything like it before.  What an experience!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!     


  1. You are one bold hombre! Love the bikini/helmet combo -- all the rage in Paris next year???

    1. I know, I almost didn't let him add that picture - not the most flattering. The trek down to the slide was quite harry and we were trying to be safe rather than fashionable...