Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Today was spent on the long tiring road, floundering over a tricky decision.  In the morning, however, we left Aren, Sarah, and Hannah’s lodge.  We left because over the next ten days, Aren and Sarah will be occupied setting up for, and participating in, the “Futafest.”  The Futafest happens once a year and is an opportunity for all white water boaters, worldwide, to come together and celebrate the Futaleufu River.  During the three day Futafest, competitions, parties, and events of all kind take place.  Most of these happen on the Bridge to Bridge section of the Futaleufu.  We did not stay for the Futafest because we had other traveling in mind.  We had been thinking of coming back to the lodge after the Futafest was over and Aren and Sarah were free.   We left the lodge with no plans.  This was our mistake...

After about an hour of driving, and a slick border crossing from Chile to Argentina, we came to the town of Esquel.  There, we ate a nice lunch and contemplated our situation.   Because we had come from the West, we were left with three choices of direction;  North, South, or East.  We realized that if we went North towards Bolivia, and left Patagonia, we would be less inclined to go back to Aren, Sarah, and Hannah’s in 10 days.  So, we decided to head to the coast of Argentina and book it East.  After about one and a half hours of driving, we stopped on the side of the road on a beautiful, small, and dry mountain pass.  I took some pictures of the pass and rolled my eyes when I came back to the car. 

My parents were looking over the map and calendar with a new plan.  We all realized that if we wanted to see all the countries we had planned on in South America, there was no time to go back to Aren, Sarah, and Hannah’s.  Also, the road East was long, bleak and arid, and the coast was not worth the four day round trip drive.  Thus, we decided to go all the way back to Esquel and, tomorrow, head North after all.  So, we turned our backs on the coast and drove one and a half hours back to Esquel.......Seriously??!!

So, here we are in Esquel.  After about five hours of driving we are approximately two hours away from where we started.  I didn’t even know that was possible!  Another capricious day under TCR’s belt!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!  


  1. Sounds like instead of the Futafest you guys enjoyed the Futilefest. Such fun! Nice pics, though...

  2. My only comment - "Good Grief!!!!"

  3. Don't say "good grief" to me! I'm just in the back seat!