Friday, February 24, 2012

A Down Day

Today was a down day with Hannah.  For most of the day, rain pounded on the roof of Aren’s, Sarah’s, and Hannah’s lodge.  After a quick lesson of math this morning, I ran through the rain from our cabin to the kitchen building of the lodge.  Because it was a rainy day, Hannah and I wanted to watch a movie.  One minor problem: at Aren’s and Sarah’s lodge there is no power.  So, we had to take our movie to the neighbor’s.  The neighbors kindly charge most of the lodge’s electronics.  Alisa, from Colorado, is staying at the lodge and is working as Hannah’s home school teacher.  Today, she had her computer charging at the neighbor’s.  She said we could watch movies on her computer due to the pouring rain.
Terri and Alisa
The neighbor, Alba, is taking care of her husband who is cursed with Alzheimer's.  Every day, Alba feeds, and takes care of her husband, Don Washington.  We were kindly let in by Alba and drank lovely, hot tea and ate delicious bread.  We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, (“Someday son, all this will be yours!... What, the curtains?") and part of Marmaduke.     

We came home and played games upstairs while Aren cooked us delicious Pasta.  I am finishing up the blog and am excited for tomorrow, hopefully bringing kayaking and merrymaking.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. I love the pictures of the cat. Is that frog in her mouth in the pic today?

  2. Not to do anything 'part from keepin' 'im from entering the room...

  3. Rohan, I will be interested to learn what type of trip you plan when you are able to go on your own ideas.. your parents have done a wonderful job of creating a world adventure.. I am so enjoying reading it every few days from my frozen snowy place in Bear Valley Alaska where we have had 3 times the normal snow!.. I can tell by my snow plow bill!
    Enjoy and Savour every wild mile and kilometer