Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Short Day in Pucon

Our Truck

Today was simple.   Mostly, I was bored.  In the morning, I had Spanish class with Elly and Consu.  The class was more fun with Cunso teaching me in addition to Elly.  Today we mainly focused on numbers and review.   Afterwards, in the afternoon, I was left home alone at the B&B while my parents and Nora boated, and Consu and Elly went to the grocery store.  In my solace, I completed a math test and had extra free time.  While I was playing, I broke one of Elly’s brooms while using it as a bat.  I felt really bad about the accident and bought her another broom later in the day.  It turns out, after my parents had returned and graded my test, I got a ninety-five and passed!

In the early evening we went into town and picked up the car from the garage!  It felt nice and new after it’s few repairs it had yesterday.  We loved the drive home and are excited for the many experiences we will share with the auto (the Spanish word for car is pronounced “Ow-toe”).

My Dad Checking Out the Mended Oil Leak

The Finishing Touches....
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  1. I am shocked, shocked I tell you, that calamity befell those using a broom as a bat. I confess that I am less shocked that the broom was actually used as a bat.

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  3. There was a Snoopy cartoon where Lucy used Charlie Brown's baseball bat to hit rocks. I believe it was a signed collector's edition bat that was ruined with pockmarks. Good grief!! Is there a parallel here?

    Your pictures continue to do a great job augmenting your stories!


    ps - you might check your usage of 'solace'. Usually solace involves comfort in a time of sadness - and unless you've had an epiphany, math don't give you much comfort...

    pps - yes, that's not right with "don't". Used for emphasis and humor! :-)

  4. ....mmm....huh....oops. I meant "solitude". My shame don't have no bounds.