Monday, February 20, 2012

Back in Chile

This is a quick message from the Futaleufu area of Northern Chile.  I have twenty-two percent on the laptop and I have to be fast.  Today, we crossed back into Chile and had a quick border crossing but trickier than yesterday.  We drove in through high cliffy peaks, past clear, blue rivers, and over a bumpy dirt road.  When we came to the Argentinean side of the border, we glided right through and thought we were done.  The Chilean side, though, had a long and tiring line.  We pulled up amongst the long row of cars and walked to a fair sized building.  Here is where we waited.  For about an hour we stood until finally it was our turn.  We got stamped, our car was searched, and except for some leftover pizza which we were asked to throw out, we left happy. 

After the border, the street was again a dirt road.  Around every bend we had fabulous views of rivers, mountains and vegetation.  The landscape had become more lush as we were out of the hot and arid plains.  We are now at a nice couple’s place;  a complex of buildings and kayak gear.  We have to poach our internet from the nearby school, so this may be the last blog for a week.  When we leave, the blogs will be backdated and published so no need to worry about us.  I am excited to boat some of the rivers with Sarah and Aren (the owners of the land where we are staying) and improve my skills!

Find Harry
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  1. I found Harry in the grass!

    Great pictures yet again.

    Check your email for pics of you and our umbrella plant some years ago.

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    Sorry about the pizza. Of course, I always question the judgement of 'leftover' pizza. :-)