Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Bummer Day

Every time we make it to a new continent, I have one day where I sleep into the late afternoon.  Last night, I was extremely tired and jet lagged.  Sure enough, today at 2:00 PM I woke up.  It was a bummer day for me.  I had to do math.  I slept in too late to carry out my mom’s secret idea to take me into town after I had finished my work.  I cut my foot and spent half an hour in a cold shower cleaning it up, and I am now writing my blog when people are outside playing ball and having a great time. 

My parents left for town at 10:00 in the morning, intending for me to sleep for another hour and then start my math.  However, I woke up at two when my parents got home and the rest of the day was plainly all math.  After my 2:00 PM wake up, my dad did a kayak run that my mom did not want to do.  My mom had thought it would be fun for me to go into town and be shown around, but instead, I now had my math to do and she stayed home while I did it.  By the time I had all my supplies together and had eaten lunch (my breakfast) it was already 3:00.  I did a unit of math and finished around 5:00, but I actually was not finished because it was approaching blog time.  This was a real bummer because I rarely get one on one time with my parents and going into town with my mom would have been really fun.

Before starting my blog, I nicked my foot on the side of the shower and had to deal with another stupid hassle.  In order to wash off the cut, I had to take a shower.  In the middle of my shower, the water turned cold and I finished washing my hair in ice cold water.  With a wicked brain freeze, I walked back to the room to write my blog.

I was just starting my blog when a knock came on the door.  It was Dave wanting to know if I wanted to play a game of bocci ball.  Of course, my blog made the answer plainly “no.”  After a couple of minutes, screams of laughter came from outside.  Happily, my super mom stayed with me to keep me company and she suggested I listen to my music to keep out the sounds of happiness I was missing.

Today was disappointing.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.  In fact, tomorrow I will do my first class lll rapid ever!  It starts at the camp, and ends in a big pool.  I have scouted it several times over the last two days and Dad, Mom, and Nora will accompany me.

Above Class III Rapid (Taken from Bridge above Rapid)

Hole in the Middle of my Future Class III (Taken from Bridge)
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  1. Rohan,
    Sorry you had a bummer day. I hope tomorrow will be better. Your Mom had similar bad hair shower in Egypt. Did she tell you about it?
    Today wasn't so good for us here either. We are hurrying to prepare for an expected trip to Houston to be with a friend whose husband died and to attend his funeral.
    And we had to hang around this evening to orient a new fellow who just arrived from London and is renting the garage apartment this semester. (he should have been here two weeks ago,but just before he was to leave he discovered his passport was missing).

  2. Good luck with that rapid in your picture. It looks awesome!

  3. Those rapids look pretty intense -- glad you've been practicing so much lately.