Saturday, February 11, 2012

To the Beach and Back

In the morning, the day ahead looked bleak.  I had an entire lesson of math to complete and had to do some vocabulary.   While I was stuck inside working, my dad was outside kayaking a gnarly class IV waterfall run, the biggest in his entire life.  Even though the day looked hopeless, I finished my work quickly and Mom and I had time for a brief trip to the beach over looking Lake Carburgua. 

After a long and monotonous lesson of math, Mom and I headed out for the lake.  We were excited to get outside due to the long amount of time spent in the hot bedroom in Elly’s and Consu’s B&B.  In our haste to leave, we forgot to bring a variety of beach gear.  We started our walk down the busy road, hoping to flag down a bus or hitch a ride.  Before we had our thumbs out, a nice couple and their two kids pulled up and offered us a ride.  I was amazed at the generosity and kindness of the family giving us a ride without even our signal.  We arrived at the beach quickly and then had a little communication error at a beach side restaurant.

After our arrival at the beach we were hungry and ready for some lunch.  Before emerging on the hot, tan sand, we decided to eat at a burger place.  After struggling with the waitress to get our order across of two burgers and fries, we accidentally ordered two hot dogs, fries and sodas.  My mom did not like eating a hot dog or drinking pop, but I was extremely pleased with the miscommunication!  Afterwards, we jumped in the lake and found the water a little cold.  We were not keen to go back in and we did not have a kite to fly or a book to read.  So, we caught a bus and booked it back to the B&B.

Today was tiring and annoying in the morning, but got better in the afternoon.  I was a little disappointed that we did not bring a book or a kite to the beach, but I was pleased about my surprise hot dog and coke at lunch.  Tomorrow I have no work, and I can hardly contain my self!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Dogs served with fries and two cans of pop
    Waistlines will swell, teeth they will rot
    Brushing and flossing will help save that smile
    To take care of the fat, walk mile after mile

  2. Dogs and fries may put a smile on your lips,
    But, especially with pop, they will last on your hips.
    Walking, and running, though always a ball,
    once you turn 50, make no difference at all...