Monday, February 27, 2012

Today was rainy and we were all tired.  We woke up to start today’s kayaking adventure with a steady drizzle of cold rain and cloudy skies.  After a hardy breakfast, we set off through the rain to the Limite section of the Futaleufu River.  It was a long drive, and we were all tired and sluggish.  We have been kayaking for many days straight, and it has taken its toll on us. 

We finally arrived, and, with clinched teeth, slid on our wet, cold, and soggy gear.  After some roll practice, we headed on downstream.  The first part of the day was mostly flat water, with some nice, mellow, waves to surf.   I was doing well, but it is still hard for me to get on the waves.  Soon the rapids got bigger, two of which had waves about three times the size of my kayak.   All along the river, I did continuous practice rolls.  Soon the take out was in front of me and I was dizzy, and tired.  I had done about fifty rolls in total.  What a morning we had!

The fun times at Aren, Sarah, and Hannah’s lodge are almost over.  Tonight we will have lamb recently slaughtered at a neighbor’s farm.  This morning, Sarah and Aren’s neighbor Ivan, brought over the freshly skinned carcass and it is hanging in a bag just outside of the lodge kitchen. 

Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, we leave for Argentina.  I am sad to leave and am going to miss all the fun times I have had with my new friends.    I enjoy having a friend my age to play with and be my buddy and will miss Hannah very much.   Maybe we will come back.  No one ever knows where the capricious family of Tim, Cat, and Rohan will travel next.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. I like the pictures of Hannah and am sure you will miss her company. She reminds me of Honor . Enjoy the revisit in Argentina. What will you be doing there?

  2. Palindrome for the day: Kayak, Hannah, kayak!

  3. Fantastic! Your kayaking skills are really amazing Rohan. I wish you well on your drive into Argentina! Keep up the great pictures!

  4. Hey Rohan

    Really loving the blog. Sounds like you guys are having a fantastic time. Glad you found someone nearer your age to hang out with too. We had quite a funny Facebook message the other day. Underneath the picture of us handing the keys over to you some Australians we met in Peru sent the following message. "These people just walked into the cafe in Esquel (ARg) where we are sitting waiting for a bus tonight!!! This is what Facebook is all about!!!!" I think they were actually looking at Facebook at the time and looking at your picture and looked up and you were there. I can't believe they didn't say hello, but I think they were freaked out and thought they might freak you out too. (Our spies are everywhere!!!) Anyway glad to hear Maz on the road on travelling again. Happy trails. All the best Glyn and Cara.

  5. Spookey! We are again in Esquel tonight. We will keep our eyes open for the Spies of Maz!!!!