Thursday, March 8, 2012

Work in the Morning and Cards in the Park

We are still in Santiago, waiting for our car to be fixed.  We think we will sell it and fly to Ecuador after the work on the car is done and we have the long awaited padron.  In the meantime, today, was again focused on work.  However, we still had a little time to read and, in the afternoon, eat and wander around Santiago.

After I had completed my math, I decided to read my book.  When I picked it up, the story was pretty good, but soon it got crazy!  In the Lord of the Rings, Frodo has been petrified by a giant spider’s venom.  Sam is trying to steal Frodo back from the evil band of orcs who have captured him and plan to torture him when he wakes up!  Of course, right when I was at the best part the book, it ended.  I had finished book two of the Lord of the Rings trilogy!  Since I was at a stopping point, my parents and I decided to get some food and find a park in which to relax.

After walking for a while, we came to a nice restaurant that looked like it had good food.  I liked my dish of chicken and rice, but it was definitely not a favorite for me.   Soon we continued exploring, and came upon a park.  The map showed a river running freely past the edge of the park, but we discovered it was much less than that.  Instead, we found a artificial river of turbulent brown water running through a long and wide cement culvert.   We guessed the brown flowing substance was probably some form of sewage water.  “OK...” we said as we turned our backs on the river view.   We played a quick game of cards and were back to the hotel!

Today would have been better without the work in the morning, but hey, it also would have been better had I focused more.  I think I would have gotten the work done much sooner.  Tomorrow, we will go back to the city center and explore some other museums that are not being renovated!  The mechanic will be done with our car tomorrow and we are planning our next step!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!      


  1. I trust the river was not the source of water used to keep the grass at the park nice and green?

  2. you will be amazed how much the Spanish you are going to pick up in the next couple of months is going to help you in the future...
    are those horses starting to look to the barn...
    just the Blue Footed Boobies on the islands should stave off that dash..

    Enjoy that blue sky as roofs are collapsing in Anchorage from record snows