Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Things are Improving

Yesterday, was chaotic, stressful, and disappointing.  We had a car in need of repair, but was still lasting for the moment.  We had ended up in a big city which we had planned, for the most part, to bypass.  In the evening, we were in need of a relaxing night’s sleep, but found ourselves in a loud, stressful, crowded, flop house.  Today, things have improved.

In, the morning, I woke up to sweat in the stuffy crowded dorm room, with people coming and going and not respecting my idle state.  It was early, but I did not mind.  It was time to move!  With puffy eyes, we slogged out of the wretched hostel.  Super Mom limped across town in Maz, being the only member of Rohan Geographic Team, who could still keep it all together.  Maz was wounded.  Dad was stressed, tired, irritable, and fully catatonic.  I had my zoned out moments too, but I was still kicking.  We were headed to Chil Hotel (literally)!

Chil Hotel is in the calm Provencia neighborhood of Santiago.  When we arrived, the room was quiet and clean with nice windows and big, cozy, beds.  This would not last long.  If you have already connected the dots, taking the car to the mechanic required us to unpack Maz.  We are no longer traveling with only one backpack each and a couple of guitars.  We now have kayak gear, camping gear, books, and other accessories all packed in the large storage area of the truck.  Soon, the room had changed.  Every square foot of floor and bed space is dominated by ropes, helmets, backpacks, dry suits and dry tops.  Our wet kayak gear is hanging on every door, on the shower curtain rod, and in the limited closet space.  The room is still quite, and private, but chaos seems to follow us around every corner. 

Mom's New Shirt!
My parents took Maz to Francisco’s shop while I completed some school work and had the chance to read my book and relax in the now cramped hotel room.  I threw all the gear off of my bed onto Mom and Dad’s and now have my own little island.  When they returned it was five o'clock and we had a plan.  Dinner in Chile opens at eight.  So, we ventured out for almuerzo, or lunch, which included Pastel de Choclo (mashed corn and chicken baked in a bowl), some salad, fresh mango juice and for postres, orange ginger and caramel ice cream.  Back at the hotel, I am writing the blog and then it will be time for la cena, dinner!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 


  1. I think I have written this before, but here I go again. "Good Grief!!!!!!!" I hope life improves soon.

    It sounds as you will need to spend a couple of more weeks in Chili before you can sell the car? Maybe you can continue your spanish lessons while you hang around?

  2. Wow - 2 angel photos in one blog! What a treat.

    I don't think Maz has spoken his/her last words...2 weeks for the padron is a lot of transmission time..

  3. Wait two weeks for the padron to arrive?
    And pay a mechanic to keep Maz alive?
    (insert line of choice - couldn't think of anything myself)
    if Maz were a horse you'd be making some glue...

  4. "What you say, it can't be true" or "when things go bad, what should you do?" or "for goodness sake, get a clue!"..... Followed by "if Maz were a horse I'D be making some glue"

  5. Rohan and Car-Stressed parents,
    My heart goes out to you three, for it has been known to leap up into my throat when a vehicle makes "I am sick" sounds. And especially traumatic when in a foreign environment. I hope successful emergency room therapy allows you to proceed with minimal anxiety. Thanks for Santiago summary. Travel safely. Good advice, of course, but maybe I should tell Maz. There was a cartoon during World War II of the GIs Willy and Joe putting a near-dead jeep out of its misery much as a cavalry trooper would his horse. May Maz survive, thrive and carry you all safely to journey's end. Love, Grandpa Morgan

    1. I am so glad that you are back on the blog! Thank you for putting so much time in commenting.

      Love, Rohan