Thursday, March 15, 2012

Goodbye Maz-y

Yesterday, I could not write my blog, but there was so much to talk about.  The primary reason for my absence was the time we finally went to bed: approximately three o’clock in the morning.  This time, we experienced no rickshaw flips or injures, but an amazing time.

In the early morning, we got our stuff together to go to Greg and Katherine’s apartment.  My parents and Greg and Katherine figured out a simple way to hand the car down without el padron;  Greg and Katherine had their lawyer draw up a Power of Attorney allowing Katherine to obtain the padron and sell the car over to Greg. 

If I have not already told you, Greg and Katherine have a eleven year old son named Will, who likes the exact same things as I do.  Will and I soon became fast friends.  For the entire twelve hour period we hung out together.  We flew paper airplanes, watched T.V., pigged out on candy, and annoyed the heck out of all the parents.  In fact, none of the adults trusted us to be left home alone, and we had to bring our paper airplanes  to the notary and other boring grown up places.  We also ate a big pizza lunch and, while the food was being cooked, Will and I walked to a park and flew our airplanes there.  Back at Will’s apartment, we glued our eyes to the T.V.  It was in Spanish, but it did not take away the amazing laughter caused by the never ending Simpson’s episodes.  As the night wore on, Will and I convinced the dull grown ups to let us walk to the gas station and get a bunch of candy and junk food.  Soon we were both on total sugar highs.  We were running around the outside of Will’s apartment, throwing planes and having a sick time with no control of our sugar controlled minds. 

While Will and I were having a blast, the parents had some work to do.  They needed to go to the notary to obtain and sign the Power of Attorney, and take care of many other banal, grown up paper work and money issues....UGhhh!  However, they also had some good times.  Later in the night, they set up a table and had there own little party out on the balcony.  Everybody had a blast.

In the middle of one of the best days on the world trip, my parents left the gang and booked tickets to Ecuador.  We are flying to Quito early tomorrow.  Once we are there, we plan on catching a bus to the small town of Tena.  There, we will boat with a kayak instructor friend of my parents.  I am so excited to leave tomorrow!

Wow, yesterday was sick! I would almost call it the best day so far on the trip.  It is right up there with that weekend with Andresh in the Croatian islands.  Early this morning Greg, Katherine, and Will came over to say goodbye. They are heading to Pucon, their new home base in Chile, and the beginning location of our Chilean journey.  Who knew?  Soon, Maz was only a vanishing heirloom, passed down from buyer to buyer, ever to be lost in the mists of South America.        


  1. Hi Rohan, So sorry to hear of Maz's difficulties. Really sorry also to hear that you're not all going to Bolivia....but I guess tough decisions have to be made. It's weird how that car has been to Ushuaia and the Colombian carribean and pretty much everywhere in between but keeps ending up back in Villarica and Pucon. It's like a homing pigeon. Maybe the car is just homesick. Hope you all enjoy Ecuador. If you get fed up with rivers get your kayaks down to Canoa and get them out into the surf there. Amazing beaches. Happy travels. Glyn and Cara.

    1. Thank you so much for following the blog. I love your suggestion, I'd love to hit the beach!

  2. What a great day! Look forward to hearing of your adventures in Ecuador!

  3. Quito ing Santiago and leaving Maz behind... bitter sweet, I am sure.
    I would love to try the fries, beef and onions.

    Glad you ended up with only a headache and not the fate of the headstones at the cemetery.

    Hoping you get to swim with the sharks in the Galapagos..between them and the penguins I think it will be a highlight.
    fly safe and keep the amazing photos coming.