Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Long and Winding Road

Volcan Lanin
Today was again a long, six hour day of driving.  We drove from Argentina into Chile, crossing the Andes at Liucura, and will be heading North from here.  We checked into a hotel in the town of  Lonquimay late at night and I was feeling miserable.  I was hungry and tired from several days straight of driving.  It has just been a little too much for me.  I ate some dinner, so now I am feeling a little better, but I still am homesick and tired.  I am also feeling like I haven’t had much time to be close to my parents.  We haven’t snuggled down and watched a movie, or talked and played a social game of cards, in a while.  All this has me in a bad mood, and I have been upset all night.  In the midst of it, I am feeling bad for feeling bad and making my parents have to care for me, though I need the care.  I don’t want my parents to change the course of our journey and stop the road trip just for me.  It is probably just late, I’m tired, and I need some attention and energy from my parents.  Tonight, we will watch a movie together and it will all be fine.  I am feeling better already!

Mate ("Mah-tay") for the road!

Down the Pass into Chile

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  1. Wow, tough day. Hopefully you guys will get a chance soon to explore that beautiful countryside from the other side of the car window. Really like the pic of the horses on the road. And how far away from Lanin were you when you took the second to last pic? I remember seeing Denali from Anchorage and being stunned that it was 130 miles away...

    1. Chopper, to my reckoning, the peak was about 150 km away.

  2. Dear Rohan,
    I wrote to you last night, but the message didn't go out. I hope today this one will work.

    Your pictures get better and better. The flamingo pictures are among my favorites. Had you seen flamingos before those - perhaps in Florida?

    I also wondered, since yesterday you were headed north in Argentina, if you were going to Mendoza?

    I hope you all had a chance to snuggle last night. It's amazing how much a good snuggle, a good movie, and maybe a few pieces of chocolate can make everyone feel better! We are headed out to Sunday brunch with Deb's parents this morning and I hope to have a bit of chocolate myself!
    Love, Grandma Doris

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Grandma! I had never seen flamingos before and was amazed at how pink they were.

      I hate to say it, but Mendoza is just not on our route. It is faster to go through Chile.

      We did have a great snuggle the other night. Great hugs, great movie, no chocolate.


  3. The haze comes
    on little flamingo feet,
    It stands looking
    over Argentina
    on pencil thin legs
    and then flies on.

    good days and different days..thanks for sharing all of your feelings..
    that takes a special person and you do have special people to snuggle with...
    and the incredible photos..I loved the horses.

  4. The shoes we choose at the time
    Are often picked not for the clim-
    ate where we walk but for the style
    and colors picked that derive a smile.
    What's this about you might think?
    Are the feet of flamingo's pink?
    This question inspired me - that is true
    But mostly to cheer the boy who's blue...

    1. That was amazing! I have no poem to compare to yours, I can hardly create Rawhide.