Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paths to Take

If you have read the last few blogs, you can guess what we did today, drive.  It was an ordinary day on the road, happy and relaxing in the day and melancholic and pensive in the evening, watching the sunset.  We are heading towards Santiago with different options and paths to choose.  In six weeks, we need to be in Ecuador for a trip to the Galapagos.  After that, we have three weeks until our flight leaves from Lima, Peru, to Anchorage, Alaska, my home town.  Ecuador is so long a drive from where we are now, that we are thinking about selling Maz and just flying.  If we fly, we miss Bolivia, a country on the way to Ecuador that is said to be amazing.  We are all getting bored and tired of the road, so we are left with these two main options.  One, to sell the car in Santiago and fly from there to Ecuador.  In Ecuador we would hang out at a friend’s place for the six weeks before we need to be in the Galapagos.  This would give us some serious chill time, but we would miss Bolivia.  The second option is to just keep on driving!  We are still unsure of our choice, but are leaning towards flying to Ecuador.

Today, we drove for six hours to the town of Talca, about two hundred fifty kilometers South of Santiago.  Along the way, we briefly stopped at a hot spring pool.  This was a regular sized swimming pool, except it was filled with hot water from a natural geothermal spring.  I have never seen anything like it, but I am hooked! 

Tonight, we are staying at a German hostel just outside of town.  It is a little bit weird to see the German culture again, after we have changed so much, and have gotten used to the South American vibe.  We arrived around 9:00 PM, and to our chagrin, dinner was long since passed.  OHH, that’s right, OK I need to remember this.  South Americans eat late and Germans eat early!  Got it!

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  1. That hot spring pool looked great!
    Decisions, decisions, life is so full of the need to make decisions. Ain't it awful?
    Just wait until you are my age and can more easily forgive yourself for being capricious. It really helps to not remember the decision you made earlier - and just make it again.

  2. Kind of like getting to the very end of a movie and realizing that you've seen it before!

    Seriously, we keep on making a decision as to where to go and what to do. Then, dissatisfied, we revisit the decision only to make the same one again.

    But, there's more.... stay tuned for Rohan's blog about what happened today! (He's too tired to write it now and will write it tomorrow...)

  3. Hi Rohan - I think I can understand the feelings of the long drive compared to all of the activity you have been having. But the scenery you are capturing in the photos is wonderful. Went to see the Rays play a spring training game today. I am so happy that it is baseball season again!! Love you, Grandmalish

  4. Butch - Sundance - Rohan

    tres Amigos!!

    tough decision...have long respected Chopper through these pages...good luck deciding.

  5. Rohan and company - We just read the last bunch of posts (I read aloud to Kristy) and while hilarious and sweet, we feel your pain. We know so well the reality of travel when things go "questionable". Lets face it, It's not easy but there is a reward perhaps years later and in the meantime you have entertained us to a high degree. You may want to kill your parents at times but don't. I hope you go to Bolivia but, Rohan, you have been a trooper and i know you are 27 but don't beat yourself up for speaking your mind. We have loved all the adventures! Love to you all peter and kristy