Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pizza For Dinner

This morning, I woke up felling strong and healthy.  Sure enough, when my parents took my temperature, I was as good as normal.  I wanted to go boating, but due to the fact that I had a high fever last night, I did not want to overdo it today.  I thought that boating today might make me sick for a couple more days, and in the end, I decided to take one last day off.

During the morning, I read my book, completed some math and watched a movie with my dad.  After being inside for so long, Dad and I decided to go to a near by park.  Two guests at our hostel recommended taking a boat across the river to the nearby island.  After walking for about five minutes, we came to the river that flows through Tena.  On the opposite bank of the river, was a boat and a tent under which several people sat.  We waved to a lady on the opposite shore and she crossed over to us in the narrow, wooden canoe.  We got in the canoe and the lady ferried us to the island using a long wooden pole to push and steer the boat.

On the island, we came upon a small meadow at the end of which was a building. There we walked to pay our admission fee.  Leaving the meadow and entering a small area of jungle vegetation, lead several small, looping paths.  Along these paths, were big and majestic trees.  In several caged areas of jungle we found monkeys, peccaries, agouties ( a rodent of unusual size,) several swamp dwelling turtles, and an anaconda.  Only two animals ran free: monkeys and a tapir.  A tapir is a big, black and hoofed mammal a little bit bigger than a pig.  They have long snouts and no tail.  This tapir seemed to like my dad and tried to nibble his cloths and nudged Dad with his wet snout.  It was cute, but a little bit annoying. 

Further along the trail, there was a long tower that peered out above the jungle canopy.  Leading up to the top was a long spiral stair case of rusty metal and rotting wooden boards.  We climbed up just for fun.  Up top were some benches and a platform looking over the trees.  We sat on the benches and talked, but did not see any cool birds.  When we arrived back at the hostel, Mom had returned from her day of boating and we were all ready for dinner!

In the evening, Dad and Mom thought that I could try to eat some pizza and I was very excited!  It tasted so good, and even hours afterwards has done nothing to hurt my stomach.  Now, I think I am fully healed! 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!   


  1. Have you seen any capybaras yet? How big was the anaconda?

  2. AHH Don't jinx it! What is a capybara? They Anaconda was about four or five meters!

    Thanks for the comment Chop!

  3. Look at you go Rohan, using metric system...! When you do your math, what system do you use, metric or an imperial one?

    1. I can not think in the US customary system anymore. It just seems pointless. I mean, things are so much easier in tens, if you get my reckoning! In math I use a combination of both systems. I hope you are doing well.

    2. I see and absolutely agree with you, the metric system is so much more practical in everyday life. I try to think in US customary system myself but find it too awkward to convert for example mm into inches. Sigh..
      BTW, I'm doing great, thank you.