Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Quandary, Solved with a Snuggle

In the early morning, we all had a minor quandary.  We have come to Ecuador to boat with a friend of my parent’s named Dan Dixon.  He is a kayak instructor who lives in the small jungle town of Tena and will not be free to boat until next Monday. We now have a free week and are trying to decide what to do.  One option was to take a bus to Tena, and hang out, relax, sight see and maybe boat on our own.  The second option, was to fly directly from Quito to a renowned Amazon lodge, and after a week in the jungle, take another bus to Tena.  The problem was that we did not have reservations, it was the weekend, and we had just chosen a lodge yesterday.  We were waiting to hear back from the Amazon lodge to see if they had room for us this coming week.  If they did we would fly out of Quito this week.

We all were feeling a little “big citied out”, and needed a break from the crowds and were eager to leave Quito.  Still, we decided to stay in town an extra day, and wait to hear back from the lodge.  After we had booked our rooms and changed our plans, Dad got an email from the Amazon lodge conveying that they were full for the upcoming week.  We were staying, be it useful of not.

In effort to turn the day around, we came up with a plan.  After eating a big lunch, and buying a new phone that would work in Ecuador, we headed home for the movie afternoon.  I am sitting in a cozy hotel room writing my blog after watching two movies in a row and enjoying a snuggle afternoon.  After this is published we are heading out for some dinner.  Maybe staying an extra night wasn’t such a bad Idea...

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. A week is all you would need to fly to Cusco and check out Machu Picchu...

  2. Got that covered! We're doing Machu Pichu in May, then flying home from Lima!