Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doctor, Doctor, Give me a Cure!

This morning, I awoke with a high fever, and was forced to skip breakfast.  My dad decided to take me to the doctor and this confused me for he is one.  Dad said that in order for me to be properly diagnosed, he preferred that I see another doctor who would treat me like I was not his son.  This is a psychological doctor thing that even I do not understand.  Also we needed to use some minor medical equipment that we have not brought along with us on this world trip.  Dan Dixon kindly went along with us to translate to the taxi driver and take us to a doctor that he knew. 

We drove around Tena for about an hour, looking for a doctor, either recommended by the taxi driver or Dan.  Finally we came to a small doctor’s office much different than what we see in the U.S..  This office was much smaller, consisting of only three rooms and one doctor and his assistant.  We were invited into the first room on the right and the doctor examined my state.  He referred us to a nearby lab that draws blood and completes lab work.  Soon, we got back in the taxi and drove to the lab.  I walked into a medium sized room, scattered with medicines and mess.  A technician sat me down on the chair, and with no words or eye contact aimed the needle at my arm.  OK... I guess she means business, I thought as I averted my eyes from the needle, a quick pinch and it was over.

We drove back to the hostel, and after a movie and some chicken soup, I felt much better!  I just got back from a mild dinner, with some other kayak friends of my parents.  Jaime, and his wife, Giezel.  They also have a ten year old daughter.  I ate some pasta and it went down well with no pain to my belly.  I was so excited and think I might have finally gotten this stupid illness off my back!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!  


  1. Hi Rohan - It's not fun to be sick when you are away from home and not in your own bed with your favorite stuffed animals close by. I hope the doctor fixed you up and you are feeling much better. xoxo

  2. It’s a drag being sick
    And get the needle stick
    So the blood will squirt out
    And the tests show no doubt
    That you have the flu
    And there’s nothing to do
    Except to have some bland food
    And not lose your good mood
    You’ll soon be back on your feet
    And ready to eat
    Just remember to stay away from stuff seasoned with spit.

    1. ...but I liked the spit! Anyway, that's what we packed the Cipro for (which I'm about to start taking, BTW)

    2. Dude! You are a master Poet! I cannot make even two things rhyme and make sense!

  3. Chopper is such an ally! I just "caught up" and we love all your exploits! All the posts from the Achuar scene were fantastic! That alone was worth the whole trip. Your parents may be a bit misguided and weird but... they have good instincts. Once again - I know this isn't easy (you make it look like a breeze) but all of us on the outside are enamored and thrilled to read some of these posts! You guys rock!! p

    1. Thanks Peter!,
      That s a really good way to describe my parents! I couldn't come up with better words! You are right, this trip is very hard, but the adventure is almost over.

      TO MORE MONTHS BABY!!!!!!!!!