Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Building Card Houses

Today, we awoke in the cozy B&B in the Cerra Bellavista neighborhood of Valparaiso.  We stretched our legs knowing a long drive was ahead of us.  Today, we planned on returning to Santiago, not guided by impulse, but by of a beacon of hope.  We had made contact with a American couple who wanted to buy our car!  We might actually be leaving the south, along with Chile, Argentina, and stress.  With a new light in our souls, we left the town of rolling hills and were on our way.  The drive was fast and familiar, and soon we were entering the outskirts of Santiago.  We had been here before, when the sky was blue, but now smog covered the sky.  We continued on through the traffic, and finally came to Chil Hotel.  We were back!

After we had moved back in, my parents decided to go check if our padron was in our name yet or, if it was possible to sell the car without our padron.  As I said before, in order to sell a Chilean car, one needs a padron, or an owner’s certificate, proving that the car is actually in the name of the seller.  When buying a car in Chile, the buyer receives the seller’s padron to use as a temporary owner’s certificate to cross borders until the new padron arrives in the buyer’s name.  After my parents had visited the notary, they came back to the Chil Hotel with some grim news.  It is not possible, to sell the car with the temporary padron, and it will be at least four more days until we get the permanent padron.  We are getting mixed messages from the road, breaking the car down right before Santiago, and the unattained padron!  

While my parents were away asking about selling the car, I had something more important at hand.  Card houses!  I had previously been playing solitaire, but after a couple of lost games I had a better Idea; to build a card castle.  After I had built one small card house, I created the amazingly tall card castle!   I did not know that I had the skill or balance to build anything remotely like it.  It was four stories high and very impressive.

Well, here we are, back in Santiago.  We are currently emailing Greg and Kate, our potential future car buyers, and we have made a plan.  Greg and Kate are coming over to Chil Hotel in about an hour to test drive the car.  They are from Texas, and are trying to move to Chile full time.  Apparently they are going to decided if Maz is worth waiting for.  This is for you Mazzy: “You have failed me once, DO NOT do it again, for your own good.......  HA!”

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