Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chillin' in the Amazon

Today was mainly focused on work and some relaxation.  In the morning, after a quick breakfast, my parents went with Monica and Diego to another Achuar village with a hospital.  I am not interested in medicine or waiting for languages to be translated, so I stayed behind and took the opportunity to get some school work completed.  It felt good to have an hour or so to just kick back and get some math done.  Lately, I have been a little stressed, so this was also a key opportunity to relax.

When my parents came back from their trip, the three of us had a delicious lunch.  After digesting, my parents wondered if I wanted to come to meet a real Achuar shaman.  I was happy and excited to go along with them.  After about half an hour motoring down the Pastaza, we came to the shaman’s village.  Sadly, he was out hunting and was not available.  This was a little disappointing, but I was happy to get an early start on my blog.

A normal day in the Amazon is spent exploring and having adventures.  Today, I took a break and relaxed.  If I had gone with my parents in the morning, my work would have pilled up and I would have had to do a lot of math in a couple days.  With all the time I have had off lately, I probably still will.  For now, I am enjoying my last night in the Amazon jungle!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!     


  1. The shaman was out
    But I didn't pout
    Instead, i worked on my math

    I keep having my fun
    And so it isn't done
    It seems I've veered off the path

  2. "Kick back and get some math done"- Now that's the spirit!Rohan+math=relaxation :-)

  3. Great pictures! How about another one of you, Rohan, and Harry?

    Save Aug 2-8 for a trip to CA.