Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Surfing and Scouting

Me Surfing a Hole  (photo by Mom)
Our stay in Tena has been fun for me, but very hard.   I have had nary a half an hour break to just be free without work or rapids.  You may think I have had several days off from boating, but these have been spent doing rigorous schoolwork.  Today was spent out boating on the lower Misahualli River. 

The run today was very similar to all the other stretches of river I have kayaked in Tena, not to say that it did not have its differences.  For one, today I focused on surfing waves and holes, and on my surfing technique.  Through the course of the day, I became more skilled in technique, but skill does not come freely.   Every time I lifted the wrong edge or stuck my paddle in on the wrong side of the boat, the wave shoved me under.  During the day, I carried out six smooth combat rolls.  This is a new record for me and an amazing accomplishment. 

Today, I also worked on scouting rapids.  Before every section of whitewater, I got myself into an eddy, or secured on a rock, to give me a good view of the rapid.  From these positions, I picked a line down the rapid, and took the line with bravery and determination.  On the last rapid (one of the biggest), I missed a vital scouting eddy and was forced to run the rapid without scouting.  This was scary, but I lead forth with a quickly composed, though very poorly planned, line down the whitewater.  None the less, I missed the drops and holes, and came out in one piece!

Despite the successful kayaking, today was a little annoying.  The kayaking was fun, but I need a break; not from kayaking, but from my current schedule.  I have either been kayaking or completing work, and it has been way too much for me.  I am a little behind on my math, so my parents are not in a good position to free me from this pain.  Tomorrow is another school day with heaps of math.  I will keep pushing through this until this pattern stops or I arrive back home in Anchorage.  

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!        


  1. Love the photo of you kayaking!

    Hang in there -- I'm sure you'll get a break soon.

  2. Wish I could think of a platitude that might be fitting and make you grin but they all would make me say, 'that guy is a goof'. So I quit trying.

    Be glad you are on a river..this is that dirty snow time of year in Anchorage and we have tons of it.

    I will say from personal experience that in the not distant future you will read these blogs and remember the treasure that this adventure has been...I know I am enjoying every minute (but then I don't have to do the math).

  3. Hi Rohan - Hang in there, buddy. Enjoy every minute because it won't be long until you're back in Anchorage wishing you were once again able to tackle those rapids!!I'm so impressed that you have learned to be such an accomplished rafter - is that what you are called? BTW - Baseball starts tomorrow - Rays vs. Yankees. Go Rays!! Shields is pitching! Love you! Grandmalish

  4. Love the photo of you kayaking!

    Hang in there -- I'm sure you'll get a break soon.