Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dragon's Blood

Today was my last school day in Tena, Ecuador.  While my dad was out boating, Mom and I stayed inside and stared at the hot sun outside.  In the morning, it was breakfast and then, to work!!

Today, I completed a lesson of math and a word of the day.  Normally on school days my parents make me do more work than this.  Even though I had not very much work, the work that I did do took forever due to the fact that I did not focus.  I thought it ironic that the day I decided to muck around instead for working was the one day I had the least amount of work. 

Mom and I did have time to leave our cage for a quick lunchtime outing, however.  My mom needed to purchase a certain indigenous medicine called Dragon’s Blood.  We learned about Dragon’s Blood in Kapawi.  It is a tree sap used by the Achuar community as a healing agent on bites and wounds.  A couple days ago, my dad cut his hand on a rock while he was boating.  Dan offered him Dragon’s Blood to put on his wound.  Once the thick liquid settled on the cut, a dark purple scab was formed.  Mom thought it would be useful to have a bottle and Dan said that she could buy it in the same indigenous market where Dad and I went several days ago. 

After about ten minutes of walking, we came to the market.  I was surprised that so many stands were closed.  When Dad and I visited, the market was busy and alive. Now, only half of the stands where open and few people where purchasing items from the still pervasive vendors.  Mom found a bottle of Dragon’s Blood and we came home happy.

Dragon's Blood

Later in the evening, Dan came over to our hostel with a homemade Lasagna.  We had a delicious last dinner.   Tomorrow we leave for another jungle lodge in  Northeastern Ecuador.  I love Tena, but I am happy to leave the alternating boat and work pattern!   

RoGeo news:
Tampa Bay Rays beat the Tigers 4 to 2! 
Six more weeks until the end of the trip!

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  1. I'm guessing not too much lasagna at the jungle lodge?

    Go Rays!

    1. The Rays got creamed today by the Tigers, 7-2. This is odd, because previously they beat the Yankees three games in a row!

      Go Rays!