Friday, April 6, 2012

Class III, Baby!!!!!!

It's Me (photo by Dad)

Most of my day was spent in the sun, floating down rapids in my kayak. When we first got in our boats, I realized that it was not going to be a mellow day.   I was ready for whatever the river had in mind for me and was not afraid to run the first big rapid.

On a large rock on the far side of the river, Dan and I got out of our boats to scout the upcoming whitewater.  After a few minutes, I had the information I needed.  On the right side of the river, a large boulder and a fallen tree blocked the way, creating an extremely dangerous hazard.  To the left of the intimidating obstacles, were some waves.  Below the wave train were three large rocks blocking the way. The rapid was scary, but fun.  I hit the wave train to the left of the tree and the boulder, and weaved through the rocks down below.   I took a breather in the eddy at the bottom, but I was ready for more... so ready!

Dan and Me Scouting From a Rock (photo by Dad)

The rapids below just became more fun. My favorite was probably the four foot drop into a gnarly and bubbly wave next to a rock.  I had to be careful to punch the big wave, but miss the rock.  It went smooth as butter, and I popped up on the other side smiling and excited.   On one rapid, I even had a combat roll in the waves.   It was sick!

After about three and a half hours of what Dan called grade III, and a calm and relaxing lunch on the side of of the river, the rapids starting becoming smaller.   Large families and big groups of friends were playing on the side of the river.  They had rope swings and inner tubes, and were just having a great time. Once, I got out of my boat and played with some local kids on a rope swing.  I loved swinging into the river on a hot and sunny day.  Again, I experienced the kindness of kids with such a different background and lifestyle from mine.   It made me realize that we might have different hobbies or pastimes, but inside we are all the same.

My Mom (photo by Dad)
Me and Dan Boat Scouting (photo by Dad)
Me and Dan (photo by Dad)

It's Me (photo by Dad)

Sadly, I could not stay forever, and soon I had to get back in my boat and leave the fun play spot.   The rest of the day, was flat and long.   For two hours, we flouted and eventually came to our hostel.  I was so tired that I could hardly walk up to my room or stand up in the shower for long enough to wash my hair.

Today could not have been better.  I was so excited to have kayaked a real grade III run!   I loved boating and cannot wait to go out again.  Sadly, tomorrow is a school day.  Too bad!

Mom (photo by Dad)

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  1. Way to go, Rohan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Those rapids - and you - were awesome!

  2. Congrats on the class III! Really like that first photo.