Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chillin' with the Flamingos

Today, we began an eight day cruise of the Galapagos islands for my mom’s fiftieth birthday.  In the morning, we had a job to do and a party to begin!

After a hardy breakfast at our hostel, Susie, Brad, and the three of us left in a taxi for the airport.  At the airport, the five of us picked up eight of Mom’s closest friends and family, and our naturalist guide for the cruise.  In no time, Vibeke and Jeff, Susie and Brad, Dave and Vic, Andrew (Mom’s brother) and Svetlana, Peter (Mom’s second brother), Grandma Doris, and the three of us were loading aboard the Daphne for a live aboard Galapagos snorkel trip!

Our first stop on the cruise was the sandy beach of Santa Curz island.  On the beach, I saw many sights that just took my breath away.  The first animals that caught my attention were the crabs.  Crawling on every rock we saw up to thirty crabs!  I had never seen as many in one place in my entire life!  Our guide, Efrain, told me the immense quantity of crabs was due to the fact that they have no predators.  My favorite animal, however, was the renowned Galapagos Marine Iguana.  We only saw one, but I loved watching it stare at me with its small brown eyes.  It had long jagged spikes running up its back that reminded me of some sort of fictional animal.  Also, in a lagoon just off the beach, we saw a group of seven flamingos!  I was able to get really close and was immensely proud of my photos.

Mom's Brother, Andrew

Tonight on the boat was a big party and a reunion of all our friends.  I loved hanging out and was a little sad to have to write my blog and be done with the good times!  But lo!  Many more good times are to come!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!

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