Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Close Encounter with Magic Lizards

We are currently motoring across the ocean, after a rather relaxing day.  The majority of this day was spent on the boat chillin' and motoring from the island of Genovesa to Isabella.  In the morning, however, we did venture out to see one of my favorite animals of all the coastal world, the Galapagos Marine Iguana. 


After a slightly brutal 6:30 wake up, we left in the dingy for what looked like a black mass.  As we got closer, we realized the black mass was sand!  Once the dingy had pulled up on the black sand beach and everyone was unloaded, Peter pointed out to me a real Marine Iguana!  It looked just like the one two days ago, except this one was more calm and minded our presence less.  Again, our guide led us along a a hot and grassy trail.  After about five minutes, the trail reached its end.  From there, we followed another beach, this one made of volcanic rock.  The entire beach was littered with tide pools, being constantly refilled by the smashing tides.  As I looked at the beach, I realized that in every pool and crawling on every volcanic rock stood thousands of Marine Iguanas.  I was stunned at the amazing quantity of these massive lizards!   They bathed in tide pools or snuggled close to one another.  I could totally tell that the iguanas had families, friends, and almost communities.  There was never one iguana by himself; there were always at least five whenever we saw them.  I loved watching these marine reptiles, but they were not the only attraction.

Towards the end of the hike, the gang came upon some striking natural architecture, inhabited by many interesting animals.  Our group stopped by the edge of a long and narrow slough, leading thirty meters into the beach.  On either sides of this slough were cliffs rising five meters above the water.  Leading across the shallow gorge, were two bridges created of only volcanic rock!  I was stunned and wondered how the lava bridge came to be.  As we crossed, we saw seals playing in the water and splashing about below us.  As we looked closer, we even saw an orange colored green sea turtle!  Soon, the trail led us back to the dingy, and we were heading back towards the Daphne.

I loved seeing all the Iguanas and was amazed by the natural lava bridge!  It was also good to have some time to relax for the rest of the day!  I wonder what tomorrow will be like!

Crossing the Equator

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