Saturday, April 21, 2012

Murky and Blue

Today was day three of five we will spend underwater, and my eleventh and twelvth career dives took place.  These were the hardest dives I have ever undertaken.  Again, we found ourselves in the Scuba Iguana office loading into taxis and heading towards the dock.  As most readers know, we eventually got on a boat heading into the ocean towards our first dive site. 

We were heading towards Beagle Rocks, a difficult dive site with stronger current and not assured visibility.  Once all of us on the boat were ready, we jumped off the boat into the water.  Pablo, my dive master, signaled for the two of us to go down.  At first, the visibility was OK.  Current tried to throw Pablo and me of our course, but I stayed on track and followed Pablo.  We saw some more white tipped sharks and also a galapagos shark.  Galapagos sharks are normally a little bigger than white tipped and a little less peaceful.  This one was a juvenile galapagos and he swam never closer than ten meters to us.  We also saw a couple golden rays silhouetted against the surface.  A moray eel peaked out of its hole to watch our big cameras and our interesting faces.  Towards the end of the dive, the visibility became murky and we were in an entirely different world.  The blue space created an out of body experience.  We also explored great spires of coral and fish.  Sadly, I could not stay down forever, and soon it was time to surface. 

Our second dive took everything in the first and ramped it up a couple levels.  During this dive, we did not swim over only flat ground.  Pablo and I ventured up pinnacles,  kicked our fins over deep gorges, and glided down steep, rocky marine hills.  This dive was extremely murky and we did not see as many animals.  I saw a couple of green sea turtles, about two sea lions, and one shark.... One second, what am I talkin’?  I should say, according to Galapagos' standards, we did not see as many animals!  Anyway, I was proud of my diving and was disappointed to resurface after half an hour because of stomach cramps and a minor headache.  I still had half a tank left and was sad to have another wave of under water cramps.


Today was amazing!  The water was a little murky, but I was proud of myself for having no stress and actually enjoying the visibility.  Two of my mom’s dearest friends, Susie and Brad, have just arrived at our hotel.  After our days of diving, we are going on a snorkel cruise for my mom’s fiftieth birthday.  Thirteen of her closest friends and family are joining us and Susie and Brad were the first to arrive!

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