Thursday, April 5, 2012

MMMM, What's for Dinner?

Today was none other than a calm, mellow, and somewhat boring school day.  While I was in my room working, Dad went out boating with Dan.  My kind mother gave me some time to be by myself and chill with no work, but I still had a lesson of math to work on.  Also, my mom and I edited photos from previous days of the trip and had a nice lunch at a pizza restaurant next to our hostel.   Once Dad came home, the three of us decided to go get dinner.  Every night we have been eating at one of three amazing restaurants, all with delicious food.  Today, my parents decided to eat somewhere new. 

Guided by our Lonely Planet Ecuador book, we came upon the Chuquitos restaurant while the rain pattered softly on the slippery stone streets of Tena.  The first clue we had that this was a downer restaurant was the atmosphere.  Cheesy pop music videos were displayed on a loud T.V. at the back of a small, hot, but colorful room.  Sullen faced employees sat with colourful T-shirt uniforms behind an open barbecue.  Despite the clues, we sat down, eager to taste something different.  We were a little limited with our Spanish and did not know what to order.  We made a wild guess, and soon arriving at our table, were chicken wings, a cold, yet large, set of ribs and a cheese burger.   My burger was OK, but my parents claimed there dishes were vile!  Once we got back to the hostel, we reread the description in the Lonely Planet book and we think we were at the wrong restaurant.  Oops!        
Well, there is a lesson to this: “Curiosity is a virtue, but so is being content, and happy with where you are.”  I also learned to keep my eyes open and pay attention to the subtle clues that life has to offer.  Tomorrow night Pizza!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Those are good lessons. Enjoy the pizza!

  2. Was that a tarantula on the screen in your photo?

    It's easy to make a poor choice in a new town. We ate three out of our four nights in the same restaurant in Page because the second night we chose a Mexican place and didn't like the food or the service. Later, we found out that at one time 4 Mexican restaurants, and believe it or not, the one left was the best! We did have delicious Texas barbecue for lunch one day. We liked Page and environs and recommend that you visit there the next time you go to the GC.

  3. Thank you for commenting Grandma!

    Ya, that was a baby tarantula. We get them in our rooms occasionally. I am glad that we are not the only ones with the restaurant problem!

    Love Rohan

  4. Can't miss with a pizza. Although in the PI I was once served a "pizza". It was a piece of bread with ketchup and processed cheese whiz on top. Might have preferred cold ribs at Chuquitos. Or even some tasty grubs in leaves!