Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Day on the Cold Bus

Today was a long day of what, for me, was stressful travel.  We took a five hour bus ride from the happy and inviting town of Tena, to the dark, drab and industrial town of Coca, in the Napo province of Ecuador.  Since India, I get stressed and scared in any transportation port, especially in train and bus stations.  At the Tena bus station, my phobia returned and was the beginning of a really hard day.

The bus ride went on for hours.  I had a minor panic attack in the station, and took my fear out on my parents.  I really screwed up, and got them both mad at me.  I felt annoyed that I have traveled so much yet still I fear transportation.   For hours, the bus charged on in the cold fog.  Soon, darkness feel upon the dreary road.  I noticed that my parents were looking for something on the bus.  I asked, and they said they had lost the cell phone.  When we arrived in Coca, we had to spend forty-five minutes looking on the bus for the phone and then buying a new one.  When all was settled, we took a taxi to our pre-arranged hotel.  When we showed up, we realized that the place was a complete dump, but we did not want to go looking for another hotel because it was already late.  I am tired and have been difficult to my parents.  I wish I was home and had my own room to sit and relax in, but I still have six more painful weeks until that time comes. 

We have just returned from a very unappetizing dinner at an oil industry hotel next door to ours.  It was basically cafeteria food, but by then I was in such a bad mood I didn’t really care.  Tomorrow we will go to a nice jungle lodge and I am so thankful I do not halve to stay in Coca for more than one night!

Thank you for Reading Rohan Geographic! 


  1. Hang in there Rohan - you'll soon be back in Anchorage! BTW, ANC just had the largest winter snowfall in history - 133"+

  2. Wow - tough day. I hope the being in the jungle will help restore your spirits.

  3. I'll echo what Peter and Andrew said. We all love you and hope our caring thoughts will help lessen those transportation phobias!