Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Xining, At Last

Today, we traveled through the long pass between Surmang and Jeigu.  We left early in the morning with most of the Americans.  Zia, though, did not leave.  I have been so lonely with no kids for three months and it was nice having another kid around.  It was sad leaving Surmang, but the drive was beautiful!  We traveled through high rocky mountains covered with fresh snow.  Along the path, there were astonishing colorful Buddhist prayer flags.  We arrived in Jeigu, and took a 5:00 plane to Xining.  We are now staying in a nice hotel and I just took a hot bath.  It feels nice being clean and out of stink range.  We are about to go eat a nice dinner.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!   


  1. Congrats - you made it!! Really interesting to see the snow after all your posts about the hot temps in Surmang. The mountain in the second photo looks quite tall...

  2. Yeah, the last few days were quite cool and rainy, causing snow on the pass. Don't know the height of the mountain in the picture, but we were 12,500 feet in the low valley of Surmang, so I imagine the pass (and the mountain) are quite a bit higher!

  3. Rohan, I have feasted on posts, pictures and all. When I heard recently about a plane crash around Everest, my heart skipped a beat. Seeing you and your parents safely standing in snow in mountain country was a special treat. Thanks for your spectacular communications. Keep on keepin' on. Love to you and your folks. I loved your comments about your parents dancing to the delight of everyone but you# Grandpa Morgan's Third Law: THERE IS NO POINT HAVING CHILDREN IF YOU CANNOT EMBARRASS THEM!