Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Day in the Field

Today, I slept in as long as my body allowed.  My plan was to skip breakfast due to the fact that oatmeal was being served.  This was a stupid choice, for I had a full day’s work of surveying to do.  I packed two apples and headed off with Ralph.  Today, we finished staking out the walls and angles.  We also had to measure elevations.  Ralph looked through a level.  This is a digital scope one looks through to see a point on the horizon that is the same elevation as the level.  I held up a long metal stick that was a ruler that measured 13 feet.  By looking through the level, you locate a certain point on the ruler.  The measure sighted on the ruler tells you the elevation of the point. 

While we were surveying, a Tibetan man came up and examined our equipment.  He even helped us roll up the measuring tape.  I think he was wondering what we were doing!  Ralph and I, measured all the elevations and headed home with thoughts of homework.  I had math to complete, and Ralph had our collected data to record.

At home, I did not have enough time to complete my math assignment.  It was late and dinner was still to come.  I was also very hungry having skipped lunch.  I loved being outside the whole day and helping Ralph.  I recognized that surveying is tiring.  Tomorrow we will finish up the surveying task.  I look forward to this, and hope my parents will not give me as much school work. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!         


  1. That man from Tibet could give Ernest a run for his money...

  2. Great photos! Good luck with surveying. How about saving some dinner to have at breakfast instead of the dreaded oatmeal?

  3. Hi Rohan, That is so cool that you are an accomplished surveyor now! Great job on describing the various tasks -- how you did them and why. I think you should get some math credits for that! I've been having a lot of surveying adventures myself this summer, all over Alaska. None of my jobs were quite as exotic as a design survey in Tibet! Big hugs to you all-
    Shelley (and Denny and Patrick)

    P.S. Thank you for writing Rohan Geographic!

  4. Know what I mean Verne?

    Since you have apples - maybe you could cut up a couple of apples and gook them in the oatmeal. Yummy!