Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Long Trian Ride

The last day and a half was spent on a long train ride from Xining to Lhasa.  The train ride was super fun.  We spent our time playing cards, playing guitar, looking out the window, eating, and watching movies, not to mention sleeping.  I always love sleeping on trains.  We are rocked to sleep by the train car moving along the tracks.  The food on the train was nasty.  Our first meal, we tried pointing at random items on the menu, written only in Chinese, and got some sort of tripe.  Tripe is stomach or intestinal tissue of an animal.  It was very hard to eat and we couldn’t finish it.  The second meal, we pointed to someone else’s food that looked reasonably O.K.  This was some sort of meat and lima beans.  The meat was inedible, but the lima beans were good!

Dining Car Scene

Our Compartment
The Outskirts of Lhasa
The Outskirts of Lhasa

We arrived In Lhasa this afternoon and have met some of our kayaking group for the next week.  I am super tired from the day of travel and am excited to explore more of Lhasa!  There is no internet in the hotel, so we will be publishing in the morning from an internet cafe.  Also, over the next ten days we will be camping and boating so there may be no blog.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 

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  1. Lhasa -- how exciting! Have a great time on your trip!