Saturday, September 3, 2011

Diggin' Dirt

Today I woke up to the smell of the Oat Meal!!!!!.  If I have on more bowl of....that,  I will simply die! After breakfast, we had to help set the Tibetan tent up again.  Today, we had an easier time setting it up.  It looks like we will have another storm tonight.  Let's hope the tent does not go down again.  This morning, some of the Americans staying at the clinic went to visit a group of CHWs (Community Health Workers) and invite them to the heath festival next week at our clinic. 

In the middle of putting up the tent I had a feeling like I was about pass out.  After this brief and scary experience, Mom said I should go upstairs and lay down.  Soon,  I was feeling like throwing up.  My parents thought that I was dehydrated and gave me lots of water.  This made a big difference and my sickness passed by lunch (happily).  Today at lunch, Drohga cooked yak meat with squash.  I have decided to eat yak meat.  It might get me sick, but it is totally worth it!  The meat is sooo chewy and delicious.

After lunch, we left the clinic to go bathe.  A little while along our walk to the bathing pond, we realized we did not have shampoo.  So, I was sent back to the clinic to obtain the shampoo.  Returning from the clinic, I got a ride with Wambao on his motor bike.  Wambao was also going to the pond to bathe.  We passed my parents still walking to the pond and left them in the dust!  We found Martin sun bathing by the pool.  We all washed our hair, and headed back clean (me on the motorbike).
Our arrival to the clinic, was happily greeted by work.  We had to move a pile of gravel into the back of a truck, to clean the grounds for the festival.  At first I did not do so well with it, but soon I manned up and did the job well.  This one hour job defeated the whole purpose of bathing.  I was filthy!
The Americans have returned and we are making dinner.  I am content with the day and hope we can have just as good of a day tomorrow.

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  1. I eat the oat meal
    And then start to feel
    Like I will be sick before lunch
    But with plenty to drink
    I'm back from the brink
    And looking for yak meat to munch!

  2. Hi Rohan - I promise not to ever give you oatmeal!! or yak meat!! I'm actually surprised that you have not been sick before with all of the unusual foods that you are good-naturedly eating!! You are the best!! I kind of get the feeling that you will be happy when this festival is over. Hang in there! xoxo

  3. Exhausted..caught up reading your blogs..make that..great blogs after over a week of family fishing and fun.
    Happy to have caught up. I am thinking you should write a short story called 'The Basketball'..weave in a trip to the sky burial and teaching the kids English like "Nothing but Net" and "Watch me make it rain"...I am sure the Chopper guy would give it a good review.
    Never saw the story about the original hand injury?
    When you eat Yak meat do you close the door to the Yak room? I thought I saw some eyes in there.

    Not to butt into family business but tell your grandma that you know a previous landlord, now hitman, in Anchorage who is visiting Texas next week...what city?

  4. Hi guys,
    I appreciate all your comments and love that you guys are reading the blog!
    John, my grandma lives in Austin. I am glad to have you back writing.
    Rohan Geographic

  5. I could use a hitman to help me with my two new renters. I'm having a hard time turning them into responsible tenants.