Monday, September 5, 2011

Prayer Flags Above

Last night, I was feeling congested and could not sleep. This morning, I still felt congested but my parents happily made eggs again for breakfast!  That's two mornings in a row!

After breakfast, I was assigned math that I worked on until lunch time.  After lunch, I was still working on my math when I heard a call from Mom saying “get your camera and run down here quick”!  In the courtyard, draped from the roof of the clinic to the wall at the entrance, were several strings of prayer flags.  Up on the roof, tying the string of flags to a supportive spot up high, was Phonsok.  Sitting on the low wall at the entrance, was a Tibetan man named Ojen Tsering.  He is managing preparations for this health festival.  While we watched, Ojen and Phunsok secured the flags.  Under the long banners blowing in the wind, the Tibetans practiced the traditional dance that they will preform the first night of the festival.  Their dance astonished all of us with its turns and stunning movement. 

Mom, Dad, and I completed some last minute yard clean up then it was back to my work.  I then wrote my two words of the day.  Later, Mom and Dad graciously took me to bathe.  My parents did not bother using the shower nozzle, they just dumped a basin over my head while I washed myself.  This may sound cruel but it is actually a nice way to shower.  I had a little bit of a bummer day, with all my work, but my Mom and Dad had a blast!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!    


  1. Rohan, both your photos and your insightful comments are wonderful. As you continue to fine tune your aversion to oatmeal, remember that Oliver Twist got in deep trouble because he was the one selected to speak up for himself and the other underfed orphans asking for MORE GRUEL. We leave the Lake tomorrow and start our (comparatively) short trip of 3,000 miles back to Oregon. Love to you and your Mom & Dad, Grandpa Morgan

  2. That's a lot of math. At least you got the eggs and a nice shower....

  3. Hi Rohan - I just love that first photo with the colorful prayer flags and the blue sky! Beautiful. Question - where do you buy groceries, i.e. -eggs? at the monk's store? Going to the Rays game tonight. Missing you! xoxo Grandmalish

  4. Hi Nancy!
    All our groceries (eggs, produce, etc) come from the bigger town of Yushu (Chinese name) or Jieigu (Tibetan name), 3 hours away. Anyone coming down to Surmang brings a car load of food - not an easy feat when we are feeding upwards of 15 people!