Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Auspicious Ending!

Last night's party celebrating the end of the festival was a great hit!  It started off in the Tibetan colorful tent.  The party hosts set up sodas and sunflower seeds and some beer and wine.  We all took turns signing songs from our different cultures.  I sang “Paperback Writer” and “Man in the Mirror.”  I really enjoyed singing and the crowed loved it.  The remainder of the party was spent dancing.  We danced around the fire to some disco music and some Tibetan style tunes.  

Today, Dad insisted on sleeping in.  My super Mom made us all a big batch of eggs.  This was a nice change from my inedible oatmeal.  The amazing breakfast moment was ruined by the thought of math.  I was in the midst of my math when I was told that lunch was ready.  While I was eating lunch, all the Tibetan women started to leave.  We said goodbye to all of the beautiful women and I was back to my math.  I quickly finished my work and caught the news that one of the CHWs did not leave.  I also heard that she had just gone through labor and a new baby girl was born.  Another CHW stayed and helped her fellow student in labor.  This seemed a great and auspicious ending to the Surmang Health Festival.  

My math finished, I was no free. To celebrate my homework free afternoon, I went outside and kicked the soccer ball around.  I set up a goal and practiced shooting.  I was playing alone when a Tibetan man joined me.  We passed the ball around for a while.  Later, a grownup monk came up to us and the three of us passed the ball.  Soon the monk had to leave and I got tired and headed home.

Back at the clinic, I asked mom if she wanted to play guitar with me by the river.  We had a great time but the sun was way too hot so we went back to the clinic.  When we arrived,  everybody was cleaning up after the festival.  We new it was hot but we had to help.  We did some quick work, but soon it was picture time.

We all sat down in the shade and drank sodas.  The photographers were taking pictures of the group.  I was interested, so one of the kind photographers let me use his camera.  I took some pictures and loaded them on this blog.  I edited out the bad ones and I will show you the good ones.  He gave me some tips, and tonight we will go out to take some more pics and try some long timed exposures.


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  1. Hi Rohan - I would have loved hearing you sing your songs. Did you play the guitar as well? Since today is Sept. 11th, I am wondering if there is any mention of the tragedy where you are? The remembrances are hard to watch, still as they always will be, I guess. Love you all, Grandmalish

  2. I've heard that Xining literally translates to "best breakfast burg" -- do you know if this is true?

  3. Chopper you are right. They are quite famous throughout China for the excellent oatmeal!

  4. Rohan's favorite Chinese phrase: gei wo shi ge hambaobao. (give me 10 hamburgers!)