Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Love to Eat!

This morning, I slept in only to miss the hotel’s breakfast.  To make it worse, I gave my parents lip so they made me skip any breakfast we would have had outside of the hotel.  My parents, however, did errands the whole morning and skipped breakfast themselves, which made the punishment easier on me.  While Mom and Dad did their errands, I was assigned math work back at the hotel.

Soon, it was already time for lunch.  We ate some lunch on the street, and then found a cake and pastry shop where we stuffed our faces.  We were still hungry, so we journeyed off to the market where we ate heavenly meat pastries last night.  They were just as good today as they were yesterday!

On the way out of the market, we discovered a Tibetan shopping district, where we all bought sets of Buddhist prayer beads.  The shopping area was filled with Tibetan nicknacks sold by Chinese people.  It was kept relatively clean compared to what we saw in Surmang.  I felt hot, tired, and had a bad headache, which made the shopping less enjoyable for me, but I really like my new set of Tibetan prayer beads. 

Our route back to the hotel was interrupted by an accidental discovery of old people dancing.  Under a big tented roof in a plaza, musicians sat in a large circle, in the center of which, sang and conducted a Chinese lady.  The musicians were playing traditional Chinese banjo-like instruments.  Around the circle of musicians, pranced legions of old ladies and men, with colorful fans and happy faces.  Around this outer circle, people watched and some joined in.  My parents tortured me by jumping in with all the old dancers.  They somehow got ahold of fans and exaggerated all the movements with ecstatic smiles.  The dancers enjoyed their efforts and participation.  I felt silly to have such weird parents.  

At our arrival back to the hotel, the evil thought of math popped into my head.  I worked on math for the rest of the afternoon, until dinner.  When we entered our room after dinner we saw the same thing as last night.  The lights were on, the water was boiling for tea, and the towel was between our beds.  This time, on the towel were two pairs of slippers, and in the light switch socket (where there should be a key card) there was a piece of card board to keep the light on.  We think house keeping did this as a kind gesture for their guests.  We are glad to have the mystery solved at last!  

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Feeling silly about weird parents -- now that is an old story :)

    You were hungry after all that dessert? Some appetite!