Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Ending of the Festival

Lee's assistant, Bei Bei
This morning, I woke up and gave myself an upset stomach from eating the oatmeal.  I did not skip breakfast because I needed food and energy for the day.  I had a half day’s work with Ralph.  We had to finish taking the elevations to complete the survey work on the site.

We were greeted on the field by the same man who helped us yesterday.  We used the same tools and finished up quickly.  I felt important and happy to help Ralph out.  It is tiring work, taking all the elevations, especially with the altitude and the intense sun. After the field work, I had math waiting for me back home.  Yipee!

I completed my math while outside the festival was ending.  Later tonight, every one will dance.  I have danced one other night of the festival and loved the experience.  All the Tibetan men and women performed traditional dances with amazing movements and careful foot placement.  We tried to follow them but failed epically.  Tonight there will also be a big bonfire and celebration.  I am excited for the party, and proud of my self for completing enough of my math on time.
Graduation Ceremony
Atchey and Me
All the CHWs at Graduation
Zia and Me with Tibetans

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  1. A haiku to start your day tomorrow:

    Breakfast of oatmeal
    Over and over again
    Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk

    And another inspired by your word-of-the-day:

    Repulsive and vile
    Heinous and inedible
    Evil gruel - No mas!

  2. Time to leave Surmang.
    The mountains cry rain for us.
    Will oatmeal help? NO!


    Yak meat, raw veggies.
    Now Timmy feels like puking.
    Oatmeal is safer.