Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite!!

This morning, I happily slept in.  This felt amazing due to my body’s annoying habit of waking up early, feeling tired, but being unable to fall back to sleep.  To my great disappointment, I had more oatmeal to slop down.  Also to my dismay, I had two math lessons to complete.  I finally finished the first wave of work.  My parents offered to take Zia and me for a walk to visit the piece of land where a new clinic will one day be constructed.

In case we came upon high wind, I carried the kite along.  We wandered through the small town of Jereke.  After the mud houses and big heaps of drying yak dung,  we found the flat piece of land that was the desired location of the new clinic.  When we arrived, the wind picked up and we were able to launch the colorful kite.  After a few efforts, a beautiful symbol of joy and memories showing all the colors of the rainbow was hoisted into the cloudy sky.  A little while after our best flight, an interested Tibetan man on a red motor bike pulled up on the green grass.  We all gave him a chance to fly the stunning kite.  He obviously had flown a kite before, due to his outstanding dives and quick recoveries.  We tired our best to communicate with our Tibetan and with Zia’s Chinese.  The intrigued man had learned both languages in his youth.  We gave him our ages and even taught him some English.  I pointed to colors on my camera and gave him the exact pronunciation of their English names.
Zia Flying the Kite

On our return, the Tibetan ladies were preparing for some kind of skit.  I learned later that the the Tibetans were splitting up into four groups.  Their plan was to Illustrate a problem in health our household and preform the correct way to solve the issue.  The women rushed out of their astonishing Tibetan tents and the first group eagerly got started.  We could not understand any of the complex Tibetan words, but we could make out some of the stories.  The first story went something like this: Two women were taking care of a baby, when a drunk husband entered and started hitting the women.  We could not make out the solution, sadly.  The other stories ran along these lines.  After the skits were over, we ran inside to get a good start on the blog. I hope the festival continues on its successful path.
Practicing for Their Skits
Waiting to Perform....
The Performance

Next week we leave the clinic and will travel to Xining. This town is fairly large and I am excited to be in a nice hotel with a bath and a shower. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!         


  1. Rohan, your Mom and your Uncles didn't like oatmeal any better than you do!

    Have you sent a picture of your beautiful kite? Sorry, I don't remember if you did.
    Grandma Doris

  2. Sadly, the skits tell an old story. Glad you a nice walk and cool experience with the kite.

  3. Hi Rohan - Your photos are so good!! The Tibetan women are very attractive and they seem to like very colorful clothing - especially purple and red. The Rays won their game today in the bottom of the 10th inning with a walk-off home run. It was exciting!! Now they have to play the Red Sox! Go Rays!!

  4. Windy most days there? Can you tell a difference in temperatures since you got there in August?