Sunday, September 4, 2011

Picture Crazy

Today, I woke up to the smell of eggs, finally!  My parents scrambled up eggs mixed with potatoes and onions.  It was nice not to have oatmeal for a change!  After breakfast, the three of us went down to help prepare for the health festival.  My job was to pick up trash.  It was a hot day, and we were all tired.  After my job was done, I borrowed some money from my dad and bought pop for all of us setting up for the festival.  I bargained with the man behind the counter at the monk shop across the road.  I gave sodas to every one and we sat out in the sun enjoying the break. 
Phunsok in the Yak Hair Tent
Our Soda Break

Beds in the Yak Hair Tent
Drolma Laka

After the yard work, the grownups were greeted by more work!!!  Every one except me needed to attend a health festival meting.  While the meeting was going on, I explored the town of Surmang and took pictures that you see in today's blog.  Later in the day, I played soccer with two younger monk kids.  We passed the ball around until they finally got bored.  Next to the field, there were two tents joined together.  The two little kids went inside the dark tents and started play fighting.  When they began hitting each other, I decided it was time to leave...
Tensing Chudren
Ocho and Pansi
Monk in the Doorway of the Monk Shop

When I arrived back at the clinic, sitting on a mattress outside were Atchey, Tensing Chudren (Ocho’s one year old), and Zia (the seventeen year old daughter of one of the public health workers.)  After talking for awhile, Achtey and Tensing Chudren left.  This was pretty awkward for me, but happily Drolma came over and asked us to help her.  She needed us to clear the rocks from the floor of one of the yak hair tents.  Zia and I removed the rocks from the tent in no time.  I then showed Zia around Surmang.  We were walking up to the old monastery, when a pack of dogs charged Zia.  As you know the dogs here are very aggressive.   I threw several rocks at the pack and got us both over a small ridge and down to the Khora with no bites.  From there, we walked home and had fresh palo (bread) and water melon.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Those are some lovely photos with nice composition. My favorites are the man standing in front of the black tent and the wall with the gold emblem, but all are great!

  2. I like the photos, too! Beautiful flowers.
    It's cooler here today. Maybe even less that 100 degrees. Yea.
    Grandma Doris

  3. a photo safari, i love the monk in the monk shop.
    old building new solar panel.

    monk shop?

    the geese are flying over the house today, starting to stage for the long trip south.

    the air is crisp with autumns greeting,
    yet the taste of summer still lingers in my mouth.

  4. Hi Rohan - Wonderful photos. I loved the ones with the yellow flowers!! My favorite color. I'm proud of you for helping Zia get away from the dogs. That is scary because they don't know what they are doing!! You're a brave one! Much love, Grandmalish

  5. Hi, Rohan!

    I've been reading your blog a bit here and there, but today I decided that I'm going to hopefully read the whole thing, bit by bit (maybe backwards :)).

    You've done a great job with this...I've really noticed what an excellent, vivid writer you are (you've obtained a HUGE vocabulary, too!),what an accomplished photographer, and how committed to this blog you are. You are acquiring a very versatile world view with your travels--it's really amazing.

    I can't wait to see you at the end of this adventure!


  6. Hi Robo! I tried to post about an hour ago but the way that we did it didn't really work out. How are you doing? I love seeing all the photos, espacially the ones with you guys in it! You are such a mountain mama (or papa!). I love you so much, sounds so cool going around the world! Rock that homework, YEE-HAA

    'love you, xoxoxoxo Margaret

  7. I am glad to hear that you all like my photos! Thanks Lucy and Margret for joining! I love that you like my pics and writing so much! I love your comments!

    Rohan Geographic

  8. Great photos, Rohan! Wondering if I can buy a monk at the Monk Shop.... The top photo with the pink flower is my favorite. Keep them coming! Jackie.

  9. Nice pictures - I like the flower pic and the shot of the monastery with the shadow of the cloud on the nearby hill.