Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Train Ride

This morning, I awoke after a long cold train ride into the dark fog of New Delhi.  It had grown so cold during the night that I had to share a bunk with my mom to keep out the dangerous chill of the ride.  Morning came and Abi, one of the Indian doctors on the team, woke up my parents, Ivan and me with the message that the New Delhi station was ahead with an arrival time of approximately thirty minutes.  The cabin blurred into motion, our group gathered our luggage from around the compartment and organized it into one big pile on one of the bunks.  It had been a tough night.  Everybody on our team was spread throughout the crowded train.  Some of us even had to jump off the moving train as it pulled away from the Bareilly station because there was no room.  They had to take a taxi to Delhi and have not yet arrived.

Upon arrival into the New Delhi station, the entire gang from all around the train hopped onto the platform, all with the same feeling of joy to be on stable ground and away from the stress of the moving metal tube.  The plan was for he Rally for Health team to stay at the medical college complex where the young Indian doctors from our group study, including Abi and Vicas.  Outside of the train station we caught two large vans for transport to the college campus.  We arrived at the college guest house and checked into our rooms. 

After settling in, my parents ate breakfast and ran errands while Ivan and I slept and regained our health and spirt that was taken by the long droning night on the train.  Later, Ivan, Abi, and I went to the school cafeteria to eat omelets and toast.  After breakfast Abi gave Ivan and me a tour of his college.  We walked into a building and saw surgery rooms, class rooms and labs where the students study.   

Tonight we will get a good night’s sleep and tomorrow night we will fly to Thailand.
I hope I will have a little more fun there.  I am feeling tired and uninspired and will appreciate the beaches of Thailand. 

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 


  1. Hello Rohan
    I have just joined your blog as I was encouraged by Kat to do so.
    Wanted you to know that I have been reading your blog and am thoroughly enjoying reading about your travels all over the world. You are one lucky kid!!!Enjoy your stay in Thailand. Have fun.
    Hope to see you someday in Austin.

  2. Hi Rohan -- I'm back online after a brief T-day hiatus. Fun as always to read of your adventures, and glad you are getting a respite from the intensity of India (with a presumably somewhat more laid back stay in Thailand). Andrew did some fun climbing out of a boat last week -- you should check it out if possible. Big air into the water if you blow it, but with all your high-diving/jumping experience I can't see that as being any sort of problem.

    Very cool that you are learning even more about how cameras work!

  3. Thank you Ketty for joining my blog! Maybe I will see you some day in Austin.

    Thank you for getting back online! I must say that you are one of the most reliable Roh Geo readers!