Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Getting there in one piece!!!!

Last we left off, dear reader, two cars proceeded through the foggy night while one was left beside the road with an American and Indian organizer and some of the luggage; personal and medical.  The plan was for a new car from Agra to come and pick up the car, the luggage, and Dax and Ranjit.  Meanwhile, the two working cars proceeded to Farrukhabad.  Many hours later, in the first working car, I was awakened by my mother to note our arrival into Farrukhabad.  The darkness lighted up my tired eyes and I was herded into a big building full of beds and rooms.  I managed to brush my teeth before jumping into a cozy bed.  Darkness and rest fell over my tired figure. 

The next thing I remembered was waking up at 11:00 in the morning to eat a light breakfast of hard bread and curry.  The doctors had woken up early and driven to the small village where the clinic is based.  Remaining at our lodging were Mom, Seth, Ivan and I.  Seth is the one of the videographers for the clinic.  I soon realized the details of our whereabouts.  We are staying not in a city, but in a half built medical school and center walled off from the rest of the of the area.  We are staying in a semi completed dorm planned to be used for the students of the medical center.  All around the dorm is construction and chaos.

My day was based on school and rest.  I took occasional naps and completed a lesson of math.  I also took some pictures of the construction from the balcony of the dorm.  Dax and Ranjit arrived with our luggage while I was doing my math.   Tonight, my family and I will get a good night’s rest and tomorrow I will go with the doctors to the small village to document the clinic.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic! 


  1. Thanks for letting us know so quickly that you all got there in one piece. Such adventures you are having! I enjoy hearing about them.

  2. One car, it broke down,
    Nowhere close to the town,
    With the name of Farrukhabad

    Two others keep going,
    Though frustration was showing,
    Why, they all thought, was our luck so bad?

  3. Some one keeps commenting,
    His comments are growing,
    I think he's a poet,
    oh my it is showing