Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Swimming Pool and Clean Sheets? Oh My!

Last night, our family caught a 3AM flight from India to Thailand, after which we flew to a island called Phuket, feeling exhausted from the all nighter.  We stepped out of the airport and into sun and palm trees.  Outside the airport, several taxi drivers and tour agents crowded us, advertising their services, but I hardly noticed them.  After so long in India, with clawing and persistent vendors. it took me a long time to even realize these salespeople were talking to me.  I kept thinking that I should be stressed out about the crowd, but I was not. 

From the airport, we took a cab to Phuket Town, and eventually to our hotel.  Out of the car window, I took pictures with my new camera.  The ground outside was free of litter, and drivers on the road almost never honked.  This was a nice change from the street culture of India.  We checked into our hotel with a swimming pool and clean sheets.  I was surprised that I could actually walk on the bathroom floor with bare feet.  In India, most of the bathroom floors are wet and grubby.  What a change!

After settling in, I jumped into the swimming pool and felt the cool water on my relaxed skin.  When swimming was over, I walked with my family to eat a nice lunch of delicious Thai food, after which we walked back to the hotel for a four hour nap. 

After so much hard travel, Thailand feels so good and so relaxing.  Six months have gone by and we are officially half way done with our world trip.  I think the hardest traveling is over and I’m excited to explore the rest of Thailand.  Tomorrow we will take a boat to an island, Koh Phi Phi, where we will relax on a beach for however long we want!  I can’t wait!

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!


  1. Rohan,
    I'm so glad you are relaxing in Thailand - you all deserve a break from chaos. Enjoy!
    Grandma doris

  2. Through with the chaos, through with the stress
    The water is clear, the streets aren’t a mess
    It’s been a great trip so far, though I’d have to confess
    I’m glad it’s but 6 months to go (with each day a little bit less)

  3. Hi Rohan - So glad you are getting some R & R after some wild activities, to say the least!! The photos with your new camera are awesome!! Way to go! Have a surprise for you when you get home! Love, Grandmalish

  4. Thank you all for your comments! I can defiantly say that I am having a relaxing time hear on the beach! Chopper,
    Nice poem!