Saturday, November 26, 2011

Filming with Seth

Today, my parents, Seth, Ivan and I stayed back at the orphanage while the rest of the team worked at the same clinic we worked yesterday.   All of us who stayed at the orphanage had a down day in our rooms, with occasional naps, except Ivan who was up and out the entire day.  The only thing that Seth and I did was film Seth playing with the kids from the orphanage.  This took place around lunch time, after which Seth took a long nap.  I had a fair amount of school work that I completed effortlessly, but the most exciting part of the day was filming with Seth. 

Seth and I walked into the orphanage cafeteria and set up the tripod in a small room with low, long tables and short, wooden chairs, behind which was a kitchen with sinks and dish racks.  While the camera was on the tripod, Seth taught me all about a video camera which is surprisingly like a digital photography camera.  I had to focus the camera with a nob on the lens and adjust exposure and white balance, all of which is adjusted on a still camera.  I got the video camera rigged and started recording Seth playing with the kids.  Around the tiny, dingy, white tables was a swarm of kids laughing and trying their best to communicate with the foreign white man.  Seth learned Hindi numbers from one to ten and the youngsters learned English numbers one through twenty. 

During filming, the lunch bell rang and a woman carrying a bowl of rice and dahl entered the room.  Dahl is a typical Indian lentil dish served over rice.  Soon kids started lining up in front of the woman and getting their plates loaded.  Seth and I acted quickly.  Seth, my video teacher, thought I was ready to take the big camera off the tripod and film the kids eating.  I felt honored that Seth put so much trust in me and my filming that he allowed me to hold the camera.

Kids Washing Dishes
That was basically my entire day, but the next few days to come will be much more interesting.  At midnight tonight, we will jump on an over night train to New Delhi, our last stop on the rickshaw rally.  From there, the Rally for Health gang will split up into their separate directions, some to home and some to other travel destinations.  Our family is leaving for the beaches of Thailand on the 28th!  It will feel so nice to be away from the chaos of India, but first we must venture overnight through chaos and travel to one of the biggest Indian cities, New Delhi.

Thank you for reading Rohan Geographic!

Denny, a close friend of ours, asked about the weather and climate.  This is a brief summary:  In Rajasthan, the air was steaming hot and languid, leaving it’s victims sluggish. The air in Uttar Pradesh is either too hot or too cold.  Also in Uttar Pradesh, the fog is thick in the morning and night, and the air is infested with bugs, some of which carry dangerous diseases.  The air everywhere is smoggy and polluted, with no rain. 




  1. I am really glad that i met guys like you.It was a real fun today At the faridpur clinic (it was sad you didn't turned up )I had a brilliant day with Adam.Can you tell you're mom if she can add me on facebook so that ican send her my literary works as i promised.Great to have you all here in India.Hope Ivan said a hii as promised me today morning that he'll say it to you.

  2. Will Andrew and Svetlana still be Thailand when you'll get there?

  3. I'll bet you're looking forward to a little beach time. Should be fun. -- John

  4. CLAIRE TYPING: Looks cool. Are you having fun? Which place have you liked the most? What places have you already gone to? What place are you in right now? What have you learned so far? When do you come back? Do you visit schools or go to school in the places you go? If so are the kids nice? Can you speak a language fluently? Can you learn some languages better then others? Have you eaten any disgusting foods? What food have you liked most? Do you like to blog? Have you made friends that you had to say good bye to because your going to another place? If so what were there names and where did you meet them? Is there a town, city,or country that you liked a lot? Is there a place you didn't like as much as other places? What day did you like and what did you do that made it fun, where were you when it was fun? Where do you blog,is there a computer your bringing or a computer at every place you go? Do you stay in hotels, condos, houses, or a friends house,.....where? Is there a really cold place that you couldn't bare?.....Or a really hot place that felt that you being boiled in a really hot cauldron? What was your favorite place that you stayed at? Do you rent a car or bring a car? Has there been any really rainy days?..... Or any really boring days that you haven't liked? Have you learned any cool games that you haven't leaned yet? What do you do on days you just laze around, like on really rainy days? Have you made any awsome arts or crafts? do you transport by.....train, car, plane....what? What time do you usually wake up? Do you go on hikes? If so, are they fun, boring.......what? Do you have a special time for writing your blog? If so what time?Do you do a rough-draft of your blog before you type it? I can't wait to read all the answers to my questions!!!!!! Now I have something to wait for!!!! I love the blog and its amazing that you can type every day with out getting bored of it! (Unless you like to blog). I'm not sure that I would like to blog (I'v never done it). I love to type out comments and see the answers even if they can't answer them.

    ( If I had questions that have already been answered in the
    blog it means that I didn't read that part)

    From Claire Rhyneer :)

  5. That Seth guys sounds pretty cool....missing you...

  6. Hi CLAIRE,

    I do not particularly enjoy writing the blog. I sometimes get bored with the blog. I do enjoy taking the pictures, though. I only do one draft of the blog, except I do it on the computer, and my parents help me clean it up before I publish it.

    I sometimes meet kids that are really nice and it's disappointing to leave the place where I met them.

    We travel in all forms of transportation you can think of. My favorites are planes and trains.

    My parents home school me, so on rainy days they make me do all school work. However, we have not come across many rainy days. I do math, reading, and writing.

    Thank you so much for taking interest in my blog. I am looking forward to coming home after 6 more months.